Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Tyrannoliberalis Sex

Michael Bray
Capitol Area Christian News
Summer, 1994

Tyrannoliberalis Sex

There were those beasts of the distant past which ruled as kings by virtue of their physical strength. One type of ravenous lizard did whatever he wanted, imposing his will upon the other thunder lizards. But the Tyrannosaurus Rex has been maligned. He only did what instinct drove him to do. He intended no harm. He did no evil. “King” is accurate. An autocrat, an authoritarian was he; but no tyrant.

We ought to make a distinction between an autarchy or authoritarian regime and tyranny. The former wields the same unlimited power, but not necessarily harshly or unjustly as would the tyrant. He may be as Machiavelli’s prince, exercising power for the good of the people, without listening to a nattering congress of nabobs, for example. It is not the concentration of power which is in se evil.

Consider the authoritarian ruler who allows no community or state within his realm to maintain independent militias to protect themselves from him in the event of his misrule. He would be an authoritarian ruler, though not necessarily a tyrant. So it was when our states confederated for the purpose of forming the national government that the provision in the Second Amendment for the states to maintain their own militias as a means of protecting themselves from encroachments by the federal government or any other government was a right that was “not to be infringed.” But as time passed and states fought together as a nation against common enemies, power and dignity was ceded to the general government and it gradually accrued powers never intended by its founders.

It would be bad enough if a national government denied the State’s their sovereign right to protect themselves – if it denied citizens the right to keep arms and form militias. It would be an authoritarian act, a usurpation of authority. And, perhaps, few people are bothered by such a transformation into a federal autarchy as long as it performs the good of protecting citizens from common enemies.

But when the centralized government denies citizens not only the right to bear arms and protect themselves from it, but also the ability to defend themselves from the common threat of muggers and street thugs, such a government is not just authoritarian, but tyrannical.

The federal tyrant in all three of his divisions has violated his covenant with the People: the Constitution. He has cast aside the Tenth Amendment, usurping powers which have not been delegated it by the states. He has compelled community schools to cease from publicly honoring the true God. He has forced States against their own law codes to accept child slaughter and even forced them to pay for these atrocities with the money taken from citizens through taxation. He has forced communities to tolerate sodomy in the name of “civil rights.” He has propagated atheism through his financial support of godless k-12 education and perverse art. He has propagated polytheism, by his extension of tax-exemption to devotees of any and all gods including sodomite and Satanic churches. He has encouraged and financed sexual immorality through his indiscriminate dissemination of contraceptive devices.

Though they follow the false prophet known as Muhammad, the Muslims through the words of Khomeni were true which called the United States a “Great Satan.” That is what our central government has become. He has shamed the stars and stripes. He has broken covenant. The people of the land, if they are not too spiritual abject may rightfully throw off this usurping, illegitimate government. May God enable the citizens of the various States to recognize the fact that the Clinton regime is the true fruit of our apostate central government. And may He grant them the strength and spirit to declare their independence extricate themselves from his tenacles.

Unlikely! Indeed, some cities are as desiccated of Christian principle as the federal government. They cheer the direction of the federal regime. Consider the graphic example of San Jose which wants to erect a statue of the pagan god, Quetzalcoatl, to whom thousands of humans were sacrificed ever year. And there are plenty of environmentalist and multi-cult champions of “Native Americans” and their gods throughout the land who wish to return the land to its pre-Christian domination by demons.

A great error was made even in the formation of the national government when the triune God was not acknowledged specifically as the Lawgiver. The states had hoped to retain their Christian status while binding themselves together with a non-Christian covenant for purposes of protection and economic liberty from Britain.

We can’t help but concur with those who find it difficult to envision the federal government declaring itself to be under God, much less the triune God of the Bible. We do, however, hope that God’s people can exert influence in smaller municipalities so that they may make new covenants, write new constitutions, and secede from alliances with Godless governments.

And how shall this come about? It is the pattern of History that God destroys nations and rebuilds or replaces them. We can look to the opportunity that destruction brings: reconstruction. Destruction of our government may well come by the same circumstances which issued in its inception: economics. A monetary collapse has often been spoken of – even world-wide economic chaos – in recent decades. Henry Kissinger warned of one in 1973. As recent as 1987 Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said the nations was closer to a monetary collapse “than we would like to believe” (Washington Times, 2 July, 1994).

When there is life-threatening chaos in society, people are ready for radical change. There will be opportunity in the future to re-establish Christendom. What kind of NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM will be put in place? Will we be ready to act? Will we establish an even better Christian order than the colonists established? Or will we let the opportunity slip away and find ourselves replacing one bad political order with a worse one?

Let us press on, knowing that God is working His plan whether or not we are faithful. There is always work to be done. Families and churches need to be strengthened so that the new culture will have credible and effective advocates.

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