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NARAL Lies on Roberts, Bray v. Alexandria, and the “Clinic Bomber.”

Contact: Michael Bray
12 August 2005
NARAL Lies on Roberts, Bray v. Alexandria, and the “Clinic Bomber.”

NARAL announced today that it would pull its errant ad regarding the Bray v. Alexandria case as it relates to Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. (In the effort to derail the Roberts appointment, NARAL wanted to smear Roberts by associating him as a sympathetizer with a radical anti-abortion “terrorist.”) Sleazy as the assault upon Roberts was, it was false as well. NARAL, nevertheless, was never exposed by major media as the frauds that they are.

Michael Bray was NOT a party to that case. “Bray” refers to Jayne Bray, wife of Michael, who is still a judgment debtor on a related injunction of which there were three (Virginia, D.C., and Maryland).

NARAL fed the press lies. Either they didn’t care to look up the case or they intentionally deceived reporters.

Moreover, it is NOW and Planned Parenthood who have conspired to dispossess Michael and Jayne Bray with their various litigious terrorism (PP v. ACLA) and cast them and their children into the street. Of the eight at-home children, seven are little women.

So who has the “invidious, discriminatory animus against women”?

[The reference quoted above cites a phrase included in the complaint initially brought by the National Organization for Women against anti-abortion activists. NOW had secured a court injunction against D.C. area activists headed by Kip Gannett of Bowie, Maryland who were planning to block the entrances of abortuaries in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. One of the enjoined was local activist, Jayne Bray. The wording of the injunction was simple slander. But accommodating judges granted NOW’s request along with attorney’s fees to be paid NOW by several enjoined activists. The case was appealed victoriously to the U.S. Supreme Court and carries the Bray name only because of their priority in alphabetical order. The duty to pay the fees issued by a lower federal court was never revisited and abolished in the courts by the victorious pro-bono attorneys and the court fees remain upon the activists despite their victory. NOW and PP presently conspired together to collect on the attorney fees due NOW from Jayne and from the judgment against Michael from the PP v. ACLA case.]

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