Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Beverly Bray Rides On

A widow, a widower and a divorce*;
Oh, life was rough on Beverly Bray!
Those kids put her right through the ringer
And her firstborn went to the “clinker”!
They put the bloke right in the clink
As if he needed time to think
About ‘is “wicked” deeds!
(O come on fools!  Awaken!
On whose life are you stakin’
Such a foolish supposition?
Don’t folks go to jail for the right?
Even as most go in for the wrong?)
Well, she weathered well that trouble;
It all blew away like a harmless bubble,
But did take a little more time:
Those obituaries and that prison
To weather as the pain wore on.
But by the grace of that Savior,
She has trusted Him over any behavior.
All on this earth comes to an end,
But we will see one another again
In that place where our Savior resides
With the Father and Spirit on high!

13 April, 2023
* Accent the “e”

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