Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Ignorant, Stupid, or a Liar

(Yet a third meditation in as many days)

That is the assessment that must be made of one who does not believe and follow the truth.  A person who is not obeying the truth and communing with God’s people who gather with others (a church) and worship the Triune God is ignorant, stupid, or a liar. 

Do the research: Biblical studies on your own, consultation with other scholars and students of the Scriptures, research on historical theology and Church history.  Discover the true God, who lived eternally, love (necessarily requiring plurality in His very being: subject and object – at least two – and a witness).

Be responsible, diligent and faithful in your love of Truth (if you do love the Truth).

Time for serious self-analysis.  We are all sinners in need of enlightenment, repentance, and salvation.

Peace in Him alone, the triune God of the Scriptures, along with His people, the Church.

He’s patient and kind.  But He does establish limits on your life and opportunity.

21 March, 2023

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