Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Sprinkled the Blood of those Lambs

2 Chon 30:16-31:1

Yeah, they sprinkled the blood of those lambs
Bringin’ sinners clean out of their jams
‘Twas a geuine means of consecration (17)
And an occasion for lots of celebration.
Preparation of the heart was the key to be clean (19)
You thought it was New Testament thing?
Says, “With great joy they celebrated!”
Praised the Lord every day out loud. (21)
Then Hezekiah spoke a word to those Levites,
Complimented them for their good insights (22)
So they said, “Keep up this party!
For another seven days, we’re hearty!” (23)
Oh, those priests got well consecrated: (24)
A thousand bulls and seven thousand sheep!
All kinds of joy, dances and leaps. 26)
The assembly of Judah did not sleep.
The Levites blessed the people with prayer (27)
And the people could do nothing but stare,
Then got up and broke the pillars for the priest, (31:1)
Those idols that were more than indecent.

24 Jan 2022

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