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The Camden County Jail . . .

3 January, 2012
Michael Bray
The New Jersey Camden County Jail . . .

Has an inmate who does business out of a mailing address: 1 Alpha Avenue, Suite 27, Voorhees, NJ 08043. Advertising for his American Women Services at that address lists sites for the “service” of abortion in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia as well as other New Jersey locations. He has 16 sites where he “performs the service” of aborting children from their mothers’ wombs. What is not listed in the advertisements is his office at American Family Planning, 6770 N. Ninth Ave., Pensacola, Florida.

The abortionist has been in trouble many times before, losing his license in not only those four states in which he currently advertises, but also the state of Florida. Vicky Saporta, the decades-old president of the National Abortion Federation in Washington, D.C., assures abortion fans and observers that inmate abortionist Steven Brigham’s practices “are not representative of abortion care throughout the country.”

A year before he was jailed, in a September 2010 blog post that addressed an investigation into Brigham’s practices by the Maryland Board of Physicians, Saporta said Brigham “has come under fire from state licensing boards and health departments throughout his career and has had his medical license temporarily suspended, relinquished or revoked in five states.” (http://www.pnj.com/article/20120103/NEWS01/201030321, Pensacola News Journal, January 3, 2012 originally published in he Courier-Post of New Jersey).

He came “under fire” when, a year later (August 13, 2011), his hireling, Dr. Nicola Riley performed a “botched abortion” in Elkton, Maryland on an 18-year-old woman, perforating her uterus and cutting her bowel. Associated Press writer Kasey Jones, reported as follows on Sep 4, 2011:

The 18-year-old woman initially went to an American Women’s Services office in New Jersey and met with Brigham on Aug. 12, according to the order. She returned the next day and was given pills to induce contractions, and told to drive 60 miles to the Elkton facility where the abortion would be performed.

Several days later, the Elkton police department, acting on a warrant for the woman’s medical record, found a freezer with about 35 late-term fetuses. Elkton police didn’t immediately return a telephone message Friday night.

It took a few months, but on 28 December under the direction of a grand jury both Brigham and Riley were rounded up and ushered into that place where all abortionists belong. Authorities arrested Dr. Nicola Riley in Salt Lake City and jailed her there. Brigham was placed in the Camden County jail in New Jersey and awaits an extradition hearing for a trip to Maryland and prosecution there. The two abortionists are charged with “multiple counts of murder” (Fox News, 30 December, 2011).

It was an excellent way to conclude anno Domini 2011, and the prosecution of these two for murdering womb children is a move in the direction of restoring protection for those still wholly dependent upon their mothers.

Especially interesting is the concomitant news regarding the burning of an abortuary in Pensacola, Florida on the first day of the new year. Brigham, it turns out, was the one who was running the abortion business in that historic town of anti-abortion activity. He had quietly taken over the practice of Pensacola abortionist John Britton after the latter was terminated by St. Paul Hill in 1994. Although Brigham’s license was subsequently suspended in Florida, he had managed to continue his practice there, apparently hiring other abortionists if not covertly delivering the service himself illegally. (The mailing address for the burned Florida abortuary was 1 Alpha Avenue, Suite 27, Voorhees, NJ 08043.)

Hmm. Consider the desperate way in which the accused abides: discovery of the crime (35 bodies in late August), nervous awaiting of results of the grand jury investigation for four months, arrest on 27 December and accusation of multiple murders. And then comes the burning of one’s own abortuary four days later. It is a curious thing, actually. There have been no abortuary demolitions in many years and only two abortuary arsons in the past six years. Was it really a baby-saving revival of sorts or is there another cause to consider?

I have been disgusted over the years by those “right-to-lifers” who respond to abortuary demolitions with great indignation and who – as if to preserve their blessed reputations of “non-violence” – suggest every imaginable self-serving explanation for the cause of the conflagration : 1) foolish, impatient people who aren’t really prolife, 2) opponents trying to make prolifers look bad, 3) abortionists trying to get sympathy or collect insurance.

However, I must say that number three above has a certain appeal, here. Brigham has got to be in financial woe. It is prosecution time. He sits in jail. And he needs a good lawyer. Moreover, jailed, he is not out there to manage his “business,” and one of his main money-making employees is locked up in Utah on the same murder charges. Indeed, she is probably ready to spill some information that won’t do him too much juridical good. He needs to keep her happy and maybe take care of her legal defense as well. Fire insurance money might have been the only way to get some fast cash.

Normally I take great encouragement in the work of God’s Spirit in those who defend the innocent. And I am loathe to give it up here and put the “blame” on some less noble causes for the glorious burning of an abortuary. But the facts urge consideration here of Brigham’s hand in this deed.

If I were advising all those federal agents from FBI, ATF, FEMA, CIA or any other post-911 “terrorist” hunting federal agency which might be involved in pursuing anti-abortion extremists, I would suggest checking all communication Brigham has had with anyone in recent months. It may well be that our G-men are considering all such options. But if not, I am happy to have served my country and helped them out.

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