Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

“Mr. Britling Sees It Through”

‘Twas authored by H.G. Wells and published in 1916.  World War I had begun.  Of that war, Mr. Britling says:

This is the biggest thing in history, that we are called upon to do our utmost to resist this tremendous attack upon peace and freedom of the world.  Well, doing our utmost does not mean standing about in pleasant gardens waiting for the newspaper.  Every man ought to be training.  Every one ought to be participating . . . We have to beat them.  It has to be done.

Indeed, there was urgency. There are, now and then, times when the matter at hand requires such a degree of urgency that blood must be shed as the necessary remedy.  

To what might this statement be applied in our time?  What relevance might it have for us?  Of course, one cannot help but to think of our on-going five-decade-old, unabated holocaust, a.k.a. “women’s liberty” or some such repugnant euphemism.  Abortion!  Indeed.

Wells wrote about the trials and tribulations of a world war.  What a conundrum?  And yet, what have we today but a war, throughout the world, on CHILDREN IN THE WOMB!  War, it seems, never stops.  (Fallen humans gonna be fallen humans;  sinners gonna sin.)

But when we – as civilized people – fail to engage in necessary war to thwart from time to time such prevailing evil, and fail to preserve justice, we bring judgment upon our own heads!

We are AWOL, indeed, when we ought to have been engaging the enemy and fighting for justice.  We have refused to fight a just war against those who war against the innocents.

We are a guilty nation, ripe for His judgment. 

ANYTIME is a good time to repent.

Bring on the rescue of the innocents and the downfall of the murdering oppressors of those in the womb.

15 Sept., 2021

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