Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

In the Days of David

2 Sam 21

In the days of David there was a great famine
And it lasted for three long years
So David sought the Lord, said, “Why?”
Saul broke a treaty with the Gibeonites (v. 1)
So “How?” David asked, “can we make it right?” (3)
“We don’t want your money,” said the Gibionites.
“We want to hang some sons of Saul.
His plan was to exterminate us, so
We want to do the same to his kin!”
“Okay,” said David, “you win.”
But he held back Mephibosheth,
The son of a daughter called Rizpah (8)
Who, herself, was the daughter of Aiah,
A concubine of Saul, don’t ya know.
(Oh mercy what a crazy show!)
Hangin’, fightin’, and playin’ the who’!
And what’s mo’, David gave up the bones of Saul (12)
Took ’em from the man of Gilead
Who hanged folks till they were dead. (12)
Then they gathered up the bones of the hanged. (13)
(Had to make ’em all quite deranged!)

A.m. on 10 Aug., 2021

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