Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Fact of the Resurrection

The subject comes often to mind.  Folks confuse “religion” with fiction and “philosophy” with fact.  Somehow, those dealing in the realm of philosophy are presumed to be folks who deal with facts and then come to reasonable speculations about what life is all about.  But those folks dealing in “religion” ply with insupportable wishes and dreams about an “afterlife.”   Hmm.

Well, regardless of your preference for religion over philosophy or the reverse, the facts are, well, the facts.  And they are of the undeniable category and just have to dealt with.

(Apologies to the stubborn atheists out there, but such is life and a bad afterlife to come if you don’t heed the facts.)

The fact that Jesus rose from the dead as prophesied by the prophets regarding the Messiah and Savior of the world drives the inquiring soul to awaken from slumber and fantasies to address this compelling phenomenon:  A man, in fulfillment of prophecy, walked the earth as God-in-the-flesh performing miracles, died, rose again, walked around for a few weeks, and ascended back to heaven whence He came.

Got to deal with it.  Nothin’ else to it but that:  Deal with it!

You gonna die!  Ain’t no lie. And then, without repentance, you gonna fry!  And that ain’t no lie either!

Repent, bow down, worship and follow Him.

8 Aug., 2021

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