Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Ikeman, The Eggman

Ikeman, the eggman
Fries ’em every day;
Downs those eggs, I say!
A fella might say, “No way!”
Yeah, he swallows ’em down
Fast as a blood hound
Runnin’ after that prey!
Said, “He’s an egg-eatin’ man!”
And he’s doin’ all he can
To teach those kids
And coach those boys
Not messin’ round with toys
On the sedentary internet!
Nah, he’s trainin’ those boys to be set
To grapple one another on the mat
Where wrestlers lose their fat.
Yeah, he’s teachin’ those boys to be tough,
And rollin’ on the mat ain’t enough.
He points ’em to the Lord!
(To heaven he’ll bring a horde.)
Thank the Lord for a man who’s true!
Yeah, there’s nothin’ better to do!

11:40 on 7 Aug., 2021

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