Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Stay on Course

Took that wrappin’ paper off
And popped that sucker in my mouth.
Rollin’ my tongue around ’twas sweet;
Might remind a fella of a teat.
Nothin’ like the real thing of course,
But like a fellow who rides a horse
You got to stay on that road ahead;
Won’t be long ’til you’ll be dead.
So keep that pecker in its place;
Don’t be bringin’ on that disgrace.
Soon enough you’ll be old and wise,
Givin’ counsel to younger guys.
The world is spinnin’ mighty fast;
Life is more than just a blast;
Sometimes got to pray and fast.
Buck on up and do what’s right;
Bring it on with all your might.
The end will come and you’ll be through;
Stay on course and to Him be true.

0936 on 19 June, 2021

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