Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Landed in Wilmington

Heart ache kickin’ me around!
Didn’t know if I’d ever be found
But I landed in Wilmington;
Yeah I had been on the run.

Had to find me a brand new place
Get out of a nasty disgrace
Yeah, and, I found that town!
Had a really beautiful sound.

Do what you gotta do,
Take a run if it it’ll get you through.
What else can I say?
You’ll see a brighter day.

Got people for you here and there,
Bright days and music in the air.
God’s people are everywhere;
Wandering souls got to stop and stare.

Got a woman that don’t want you;
Might be you two are just through.
You come to Wilmington
You come to Wilmington!

Refrain: “You come to Wilmington!¬† Talkin’ Wilmington!”

Inspired by a Neil Diamond tune: “They Come to America” (Not precisely personal biography)
1 June, 2021;  finish at 0747

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