Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Of All the Facts

Of all the facts out there
To be downloaded and pondered,
You don’t want to overlook that one
That trumps everything under the sun.
The rising of the Savior from the dead
Needs to go to heart and head.
Get with the facts and take some action!
Repent, follow God; get some traction.
Don’t slide around and wander;
In that Word is much to ponder.
God commands for you to obey
Keeping you busy every day.
Get up and produce that fruit!
To heaven you’ll take that loot:
Deeds in the name of Jesus,
Doing whatever He pleases!
Some people don’t think
We sent someone to the moon
And that he walked upon it!
And we deem such folks as fools;
Take no note of their drools!
But there will always be those skeptics
And there are those that are even hostile.
They believe we went from earth to moon
But think a “resurrectionist” a goon.
Well, we got more evidence
That Jesus rose from the dead
Than that a man went to outer-space;
Yeah, much greater in this case!
And some folks, of course,
Believe in neither!

1640 on 27 May, 2021

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