Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Traveled Around

Started out in a place called Long Beach
Way out there, yeah way out ‘o reach!
Traveled around all over my life
Didn’t mind it much and finally got a wife
O she’s a girl a fellow couldn’t do without
Got lots o’ good looks and plenty of clout
Yeah she’s a fine little thing named Jayne
Kept me straight and from all that “insaney”
What’s a fellow to do when he ain’t got a dame?
Life is hard on the blind and the lame.
A woman strong keeps a fellow on track
Goes out to work but she always comes back
Good for me that she loves me too
(If you got no one, sorry for you.)
Two kids still around these days
Keeps up straight and out of frays
Ike’s a teacher and coaches those wrestlers
So we still aren’t empty-nesters
And Petra’s here to keep us smiling
Always a smile and never beguiling
Plenty to see until we’re through
Life is given for us to “Do”!

31 May, 2021 at 0845

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