Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Gathering

Celebrating champions for life,
We come together to remember
And promote that action which saves
The lives of the innocents begotten
Under cover of a woman’s choice.
Yes, we rally to remember and celebrate
Knowing that for each is assigned a date
When he will meet with that fate
Planned for every sinner of every state.
Whether the Banquet of the White Rose
Or the simple gathering in Ohio,
We come together to give thanks
And to celebrate among the ranks
Those who took some time
Acting upon principle sublime
That the very imago Dei is stamped
In all, even those encamped
In the wombs of their mothers.
They are no less than others
Who have drawn the breath,
Of honored kinfolk gone to death.
So come on down to Wilmington.
Be sure. We’re gonna have fun!

1245 on 15 May, 2021

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