Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Science, Worship, and Mask Mandates

What happened to “The Assembly” where the Sacrament is dispersed among the people of God and life is conveyed to the followers of Christ (the redeemed, the elect, the holy ones)?  Is there real life conveyed in that gathering where the Body and the Blood are shared among the redeemed?  Or is the Sacrament just a symbol? (The questions may be treated separately!)

Who is in control of this world?  God? Man? Devils? 

Yes, we may say that “this world” is fallen and ruled by the Evil One.  But we also confess that the Savior and Champion who has defeated death, lives even now among His people, indwelling them by the Spirit and conveying to them power over death.  This is especially so in the Gathering, the Assembly of the Church.

Yes, it is ordained that we will die because of that tragic fall long ago.  But we confess that the Redeemer has come and paid out way out of death into life and that death has lost it’s grip upon us.

And these redeemed people assemble themselves and take that “sacrament” the bread and the wine and that gathering and in that Supper is His “special presence.”  This we confess and by this confession we live in obedience to the command to “come together.”  We meet together and “break the bread” and “share the cup.”

We are ruled not by Science but by God and His holy Word.  We live to obey Him.   And He has given us commands, including “Forsake not the assembly.”

17 May, 2021

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