Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Those Nasty Ziphites (1 Sam 26)

Those nasty Ziphites were snitches:
Traitors and prob’ly some witches. (v. 1)
“Is David not hiding in Hachilah?”
So said they to Saul at Gibeah,
But David had his spies
And he knew they were coming, (4)
So down he went to the camp in Abishai           
And there was Saul all fast asleep.
David and Abishai made not a peep: (7)
“Today God has delivered your enemy!”
Said Abishai, and indeed ’twas no lie
But,” said David, “Do not kill Saul!
I know he’s been an ass and all
But I don’t want to mess with the anointed,
Got to leave alone those appointed.
God has His say in all our days
We just got to do it His way.
He raises up all kinds of kings,
Tyrants and jerks who don’t know a thing.
Be patient; the Lord will come through!
Pray and action!  Plenty to do.”

0815 on 3 April, 2021

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