Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Disobedience of Depopulation

Depopulation –  like other things – happens.   The circumstances may be good or bad.  There are wars and diseases and personal reproductive restraints which are in play in the control of population or – we may say – the actual depopulation of the earth’s premier creature.  The duty of humans, that one “species” created uniquely in the very image of God,  is to avoid doing wrong in the course of seeking some kind regulation of  the population.  We have heard for a few generations now about the fears of leaders and teachers and various prognosticators concerning the great burden of humans upon mother earth.   Oh how those nasty anthropoids  mess up the pristine planet – wallowing in all those nasty, anthropocentric, selfish indulgences as they do!  Think how many for pigs and cows and chickens would be on the earth if mankind were eliminated? 

But, then, what if it were the command of the Creator that His premier creature, His image-bearer, “multiply and fill the earth”?  What ought that creature, with a soul that lives beyond this life, to do with the “be fruitful and multiply” command issued to Him by his Master, Designer, and Lord? 

A morning meditation for 3 May, 2021

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