Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

What Choo Know, China Joe?

What choo know, China Joe?
Got some babies you can kill?
Give the momma a pill?
Or suck that baby out
With a tube and a knife
Take that little one’s very life?
You’re no better than a robber
Come to take from the house,
Sneaky as a lowly mouse:
Anything that you can find,
As you sniff and wind
‘Round those fools s’pposing
You’re not there while losing
Freedom and Justice to Dems,
Who champion the aborting of gems –
Those little ones given by their Father –
And argue that it’s a “matter of choice”
To cut off the life and silence the voice
Of millions flushed down the drains,
The pipes carrying hearts and brains
Away from the fathers and mothers
Out of the sight of sisters and brothers.

1314 on 16 Dec., 2020

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