Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Dewinian Asininity

Ohio Gov. DeWine calls himself “much more skeptical” on the matter of the death penalty than he had been when he voted in favor of it.

He gives one criterion – deterrence of crime – as the basis of his support of it.  And as this deterrence principle has become doubtful – in his mind – he thinks that maybe it is not useful or effective or practical or reasonable thing.  Ya know? 

We are informed of these gubernatorial musings by AP’s Julie Smyth et al in their report under the title, “Gov.: Lethal Injection No longer Execution Option.”

Well, one may suppose that if “deterrence” rather than justice is the foundational principle for the death penalty, there may be some consideration given to this or that argument over what this or that punishment may have upon this or that witness.

If justice is a to determined by the varying psyches of various criminals, we will need to summon a bastion of psycho psychologists to determine what “punishment” is  to this or that person. 

(Won’t that be lots of fun!)

Then we can build more jails to house more people before we figure out whom to keep and whom to delete. 

Well, as with all political, social, ethical, and practical matters, it is best to consider the dictates given by the Creator in His renowned instructions, known as the Bible.

The death penalty, like restitution, love of neighbor, fidelity in marriage, reception of children given by God, the command to love one another, the sanctity of human life (per the image Dei), etc. is a command.  And it is just punishment for capital crimes.

Look, Gov. DeWine, not to your own wisdom, or even to the wisdom of the “wise.”  Look to the Word of God.  There, along with the good Gospel news, is information about real justice.

10 Dec., 2020

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