Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Tom Condit

We have been out of touch
With a man who did much
For us some time ago
When we were in the throes
Of oppression by Planned Parenthood,
Those beasts who haunt neighborhoods
With their provisions of abortion
Filling fools with hope in the notion
That there is freedom to be found
Putting the “problem” in the ground.
He came on the scene when our means
To defend ourselves were most lean
And he “ripped” our enemies “a new one”
As they say, prompting our praise to the Son
For sending as one so dedicated.
The threat was addressed and eradicated.
May blessing from above pour down
Upon a man who wears a crown
Of glory unseen by those judges
Who with God’s law have their grudges.
He knows where his treasure lies
When he says his goodbyes.

0630, 2 Dec., 2020

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