Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

On Cardinal Burke and Joe Biden

“Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke said Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden should not receive Holy Communion because of his long record of supporting abortion on demand.”  So says this report:

But, uh, I just don’t understand why this murder-supporting, heretic “catholic” is not excommunicated!  It makes me wonder how my Romanist brethren can stomach retaining the membership of such flagrantly practicing sinners in their church. They tarry so in disciplining heretics!

Brothers and sisters in the Romanist fold, rise up and make some noise!  You must throw the heretics out!  Don’t let them nest in your pews and pollute God’s holy assembly.  Unrepentant sinners are not welcome.  Rather, they are to be kicked out.  When then come humbly in repentance – yes, even sodomites and baby murderers – they may be received as forgiven and fully accepted among His people.  But absent repentance, they must be refused your support and fellowship – that is shunned, shut out, rejected, and denounced.

30 Sept., 2020

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