Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

National Anti-abortion Vigilante Commission

28 Sept. 2020

The year when the NAAVC was informally established is unknown (or, at least, undisclosed).  But it is alive and growing in numbers.  The organization is approved and led by the One and Only Holy Spirit of God.  (We are talking about THE Triune God, here!)  The Commission was necessarily formed in the wake (or lack thereof) of the slow moving, yeah motionless anti-abortion “movement”  (Truly, the word has been give new meaning by the tarry-some, do-nothing, peaceful, lawful, “pro-life” movement.  And yes, “movement” deserves as well to be encased with quotation marks. 

What is particularly shameful about the “movement” is that not only has it failed to win a victory for five decades, but it has shunned and scorned and denounced those who have taken the proper moral and effective action of blowing the damned holocaust houses up!

The NAAVC disbanded itself for reasons here, due to covert operation exigencies, may not to be disclosed.  But the call rightly goes out, given this present immoral vacuum of actions, for independent operators (also known as “activists”) to take up the sword and get to work. 

The time is come, and is long overdue, to stop the butchery (also known as a true holocaust) and, perhaps, appease the righteous anger of the Almighty and induce His mercy to continue to be shed upon us that we may not be swallowed up in the coming destruction by His command and from His very hands.    

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