Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

“Oureia Ekbole”

That would be the transliteration of the expression which references “children exposed on the mountains” according to Euripedes as noted in my Greek-English Lexicon (Liddell and Scott, 7th edition).  One finds this information when looking up the single word “ekbole” which means 1) “a throwing” and 2) “ejectment, banishing the cargo overboard.”  It is not until the last (and sixth) definition when “oureia” is included and the reference to the phrase used by Euripedes is noted. 

A window into the pagan past of Greece and, indeed, the pre-Christian world in general.  Quite barbaric, don’t cha know!  And, in fact, quite normal.  The human heart is corrupt and apart from the Truth of God Word and the working of His spirit in the hearts of men through His church, such disgusting, brutal, inhumanity would be abundant and not resisted with the same zeal and confidence as it has been throughout the history of the West and wherever the Gospel has thrived.

What a world we were brought out of – by the power of the Gospel as it was carried by the Church and as nations bowed before Christ as the living Lord and King and ruler of all. Such was the development of Western civilization and the nations which recognized the God of the Scriptures and the Law and morality that was conveyed by the message of the Church. 

God’s people have the Truth and the world is benefited by the justice which that Truth upholds.  And woe be the nation which apostatized from the Truth and seeks to wonder around groping for the paltry, decadent, Godless wisdom of men when it has already KNOWN what is right!

23 Sept., 2020

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