Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Personal Whining and Lamentations

On the failure of people to give honor to whom honor is due, I have some reflections.  And, yes, one of those who was not given due honor him is I! (Imagine that.  Assign it to human nature and personal perspective.)  I suppose everyone could write such an essay.  Nevertheless, here I indite my own for posterity – the record.  We are, indeed, commanded to “give honor to whom honor is due,” but in order to obey the command, one must be able to discriminate between “honorable” and “dishonorable” deeds.

When we fail to do what is commanded, we sin (a.k.a. the “sin of omission”).  To the point then: when we fail to honor our police for their service in enforcement of law, maintenance of justice,  and our protection – even as they risk their own lives – we sin. When we fail to honor our parents who protect and guide us, we sin.  When we fail to honor our soldiers who risk their lives for us in war, we sin.  We fail to give honor to whom honor is due.

When we fail to honor those who are denounced and then are wrongly imprisoned for saving the lives of unborn children (albeit by the necessary use of force) WE SIN! Period.

And so is the cases with churches and Christians across the country with regard to their treatment of those who have gone to jail for damaging abortuaries or abortion “providers.” 

Shall I bother to name the hundreds of Americans across the country who have broken “the law” in an effort to rescue the innocents?  How about those who have spent decades in jail for taking action to efficiently provide immediate protection from murder by abortionists?

It has been many years – decades – that I have watched the people of God ignore, even despise, those who have shown such mercy to the innocents.   This transgression ever sickens me as I watch it go on and on and the holocaust continues unabated.   The churches of our land are weak, indeed, and many apostate.

22 Sept. 2020

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