Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Xavier Becerra, the Apostate

(California Attorney General (and Apostate) Xavier Becerra)

He persecutes Christians – David Daleiden, for example – and is campaigning, as a good Catholic Christian, for Joe Biden!   See a summary report right here:

So why is this apostate, Becerra, allowed to continue under the name of “Catholic” – and “co-chairing” a group called “Catholics for Biden” without unequivocal disavowal and, rather, condemnation from the Roman Church to which he hangs his hat in hopes of getting some (albeit unofficial) ecclesiastical approval?   How is that there has not been a denunciation of this false teacher, this heretic, this damned holocaust culprit?

Where is the Church Discipline? Where is excommunication for perpetuating the heresy, the false teaching – child-slaughter – a.k.a. “abortion rights”?

16 Sept., 2020

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