Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Divine (Corona) Spanking

Yes, yes, we are all sinners and fall short of the Glory of God and we come – one at a time – to the grace of God in Jesus, confess our sins, and continue living in forgiveness.  And we repeat this from day to day as we sin from moment to moment.  His blood covers every little offense, indeed.   And whenever we continue in obstinateness, the good Father supplies a spanking through a father or mother or employer or police (thank God for them in a nation of orphans!)

But when a nation goes off course – led for instance by pompous, Lawless judges who put their  meager “opinions” above divine Law – how shall it be corrected?  Sometimes another nation is marshaled from above to deliver the spankings.  And sometimes He uses His very creation (a.k.a. “nature”) – per the “virus” to bring discipline – even destruction.

Sodomy and abortion are not “rights.”  They are disgusting capital crimes meriting the death penalty.  Is such a notion religious lunacy?  Far from it!   The lunatics are those who accept and espouse a perverted behavior which Godless judges have authorized by judicial decree and imposed upon a nation.  But God, despite our foolish submission to the perverts who have misled the country, has mercifully brought discipline to the offenders.  AIDS was sodomy specific and now Corona is a general judgment due those who have remains so indifferently and un-lovingly tolerant of deadly behavior.

So, its wake-up time, America!  Renounce sodomy and abortion and those judges and their “opinions” which have “legalized” such blasphemous atrocities.  Return to the true Lawgiver, God, and Savior.  Come, you judges, congressmen, senators, governors, mayors, and pastors.  Bow down before Him.  Adore Him and honor his Law.  End sodomy and child-murder (a.k.a. “reproductive choice” or other despicably deceitful euphemistic substitutes).

Sooner rather than later!  How is this judgment workin’ for yah?

Corona Meditation, 30 July 2020

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