Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

On Fags and Forgiveness

26 May, 2020

A Lesson from Leviticus (18:26)

What were God’s people to do with those “non-Christians” – those Godless who were living within their jurisdiction? 

Israel required the “foreigner” – the non-convert – dwelling among them to conform to the divine moral standards – the Law.   It did not matter what the foreigner’s “orientation” was – whether a moon worshiper, a sun worshiper, a sodomite, or a regular fornicator.   The non-converts dwelling in their land, their jurisdiction, were obliged to conform to the law – to abstain from their perversions (Lev. 18:26).  And that is the counsel our nation needs now. 

The imposition of moral standards, of law,  upon the heathen – the Lawless – was not a problem, not an issue. Moses was not shy about calling the heathen – the non-believers, the secularists, the free-thinkers – to THE divine standard.  Keep the Big Ten or suffer the consequences – arrest and punishment! 

No more succoring sodomites.  No toleration of baby sacrificing.  Ban (or blow-up) abortuaries.

Are we afraid to be the “Christian society” that we were?  And do we prefer the pagan society that we have become? 

Preference won’t matter when the Almighty has had enough of our shedding of innocent blood and brings well-over-due judgment upon this murderous land.

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