Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


28 July 2011

Government Determined to Preserve Baby Butchery
Tolerates No Real Dissenters.

The following report was written a year after the first abortionist was terminated intentionally by a defender of the innocents, Michael Griffin, in Pensacola, and after the federal government burned the Branch Davidian religionists in WACO. About a month after this report, Paul Hill terminated another abortionist in Pensacola along with this bodyguard. All this life saving activity (with respect to the womb child, of course) aroused the ire of those who were desperate to preserve this peculiar population-destroying institution.

Today the justice department uses the loosest interpretation of FACE (1995) to repress speech and sidewalking counseling at every opportunity. The flurry of lawsuits brought against Angel Dillard (Kansas), Richard Retta (Virginia), and Ken and Jo Scott (Denver) all in 2011 indicate a sinister trend consistent with the federal government’s intransigent and demonic commitment to the institution of baby butchery.

FACE, in itself, is yet another abominable expansion of the federal government’s support of what was once arguable a gruesome blunder by the judicial branch alone. With the passing of FACE, the legislative branch joined in the folly willingly, and with the excessive zeal of enforcing the “law” with the greatest liberality in applying to the law giving all benefit of doubt to the abortionists

CACN, Summer, 1994

The Waco exterminators have been sullying their souls all the more by harassing and interrogating the saints in jail as well as out. Marjorie Reed was dragged from the comfort of her cell in Florida all the way to Oregon to stand before a grand jury and prosecutors who continue to seek out a national conspiracy to do harm to childslaughter houses.

John Brockhoeft has been visited at least twice in jail, but hasn’t been taken on a pleasure ride outside the walls of his prison yet. He was specifically urged to wave his right to remain silent and “talk freely” about and testify against three people: Shelley Shannon, Joshua Graff, and your editor. (Ah, to be one of The Three Racketeers!) Curt Beseda was another among the harassed. Curt’s ten-year anniversary of immurement in his Club Fed down in El Paso arrives this fall. He has been the senior convict in his prison for about five years.

Those bothered on the outside include Paul Hill, Don Treshman, Dan Ware (the fellow recently vindicated by a Florida jury in connection with arms violations), and the Life Advocate staff. The government is, of course, wary of those who speak in defense of the use of force against baby killing. The feds prefer to reserve that right to themselves as they protect us from those raping and pillaging Branch Davidians and recluse woodsmen like Randy Weaver; and ensure lesbians the right to defile themselves in retreat facilities and suborn community standards in Mississippi. We would appreciate any other reports of the government’s conspiracy to construct a conspiracy.

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