Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A Song of Imprecation from those Faithful Presbyterians

16 August, 2019

The Orthodox Presbyterians published their Trinity Hymnal in 1961,  the 25th year anniversary of their existence as a denomination.  They distinguished themselves, like Missouri Synod Lutherans and the Conservative Baptist Association and other mainline denomination groups from the apostasy of “modernists” who abandoned the historic, orthodox, and creedal view of the Scriptures; i.e.  the genuine words of God, spoken by His prophets as they were guided by the Holy Spirit.  Such modernists emerged in all major denominations in the United States causing splits in the early 20th century which continue to this day.   New, faithful denominations have continued to hold fast to the Truth as taught by the faithful churches of God whose doctrine is summed up in the fourth century Nicene Creed.

One song on page 47 is published under the subheadings of “The Glory of God” and “His Justice.”  Based upon Psalm 5, it references The Psalter (1912) and the author, H. Vander Warp, 1911. 

The song has five verses.  For the pleasure of readers who delight in God’s law and, accordingly,  true justice, we provide here the second and the fourth which contain the imprecations – so essential to the prayers of contemporary churches in our apostate United States of America – formerly known as “one Nation under God.”

Thou, Jehovah, art a God
Who delightest not in sin;
Evil shall not dwell with thee,
Nor the proud thy favor win.
Evil-doers thou dost hate,
Lying tongues thou wilt defeat;
God abhors the man who loves
Violence and base deceit.

False and faithless are my foes,
In their mouth no truth is found;
Deadly are the words they speak,
All their thoughts with sin abound.
Bring, O God, their plans to naught,
Hold them guilty in thy sight,
For against thee and thy law
They have set themselves to fight.

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