Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

FBI Revival

6 August. 2018

FBI: How About Repentance and a Revival!

Good to hear about the FBI being on course chasing bad guys.  After wasting much money and shamelessly chasing the good guys (anti-abortionists) rather than the bad (pro-aborts), they are reportedly in high profile going after violent white supremacists. 

See the story here:


Those nasty white supremacists, it may be said, have a perverted preference for white people and, yes, a disdain for non-whites. 

But abortionists have a disdain for the unborn of all colors.  Black or white, if living inside the womb, rather than on the other side of the “border,” they are vulnerable to death and destruction – legal attack.

Go get those wicked white supremacists.  And while on the mission, maybe revival will come and you will come back and round up these American baby killers and bring them to justice. 

But, alas, it is a deeper matter ingrained now for over a generation in our “body politic.”  Might have to start with the traitorous Democratic party.

Root them out.  Outlaw them.  Start another party if two are necessary.   No party is legitimate which upholds such abominations as child-slaughter and sodomy.

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