Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

On Searching and Destroying Fag Embryos

10 May, 2019

We are, of course, again’ it!

Justice requires us humans to act not upon suspicion or rumor or even against the malevolent disposition of another.   We are not to judge such things.  Our judgment is guided by God’s word which prescribes that there be witnesses for the proper prosecution of an offense that is verified as such. 

To the point here, we cannot destroy a person in his embryonic state simply because we know he is by nature a particular style of sinner.  That would lead to the immediate end to humanity.  God, patently, did not will such action  – from the beginning.  He spared Adam and Eve and their progeny (even us  decadent Americans), allowing them to multiply sinners throughout time with a plan to send the Redeemer whose blood was sufficient to atone for all human beings ever to be conceived.

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