Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

“Jack Steele”

2 May, 2019

The Work of a Dirty Bounty Hunter

We might have inserted “nefarious” in front of “work,” but we will moderate ourselves in this assessment of this whore.  (Is not a “whore” one who does evil for personal gain?  Then, fitting is the metonym for Mr. “Steele.”) A regular Judas.

The man goes by the pseudonym to protect himself from those imaginary vengeful anti-abortionists who might want to harm him following his misdeeds.  I reference his deeds to be such in assessing his confessed role in tracking down and inculpating the likes of renowned anti-abortionist, James Kopp.  You can read all about “Jack” here https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/the-tipster-the-police-and-the-unpaid-reward/article9241877/  and elsewhere according to your own interest in such matters.

It may come to “Jack” as a surprise, but no one has any interest in punishing such a punk as he.   Resources in terms of persons and their valued families are not worth sacrificing just to give Jack his due.  He will get that soon enough when he stands before the Mighty One who will bring vengeance upon all the many baby killers of the land (abortionists, to be quite clear), the defenders of said baby-killers,  along with those who assist and encourage their foul and murderous deeds. 

He has advertized his complaint against Canada here:


But surely no one wants to harm this  punk.  If “Jack” were killing babies, well, he might get capped – one might well hope – by someone defending the innocents.  As it is, he is nothing but a chump who thinks way too much of himself.   The facts indicate that he was either 1) an anti-abortionist who went traitorous to the truth and the cause of those defending innocent ones in the womb, or 2) a pro-abort faking to be a Christian.   Either way, he played Judas and his own hanging will come by his own hand or God’s.

Best that he repent, by His grace, and fear the Almighty God, who made and loves those little ones, the defense of which “Jack” has obstructed!  Now there is Someone to fear!

Get it right, “Jack,” and repent of your disgusting deeds.  Get forgiveness, and save your life.  Save your sorry ass and be reconciled with the people of God.  Even you can be forgiven.

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