Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Impeach Bastian, the Bastard

26 April, 2019

U.S. District Court Judge Stanley Bastian is quite the bastard, blocking the President’s efforts to defund Planned Barrenhood.  What is a respectable citizen to do when his elected President can’t act upon the wishes of the people? 

Yes, there are those “people” who support baby butchering, as there were those people who supported slavery.  We need not respect their wishes when they are manifestly and factually and Biblically in error.  Anyone supporting the slaughter of the weakest of innocents has an opinion unworthy of anyone’s attention.  By “anyone,” of course, we refer to those with moral integrity, cognizance of Justice, the very truth and  morals hand delivered from God to Moses for the world.

So, again, what is a respectable citizen to do?  Certainly resist and denounce such paganism and the perpetrators of the same.  Stanley Bastian is an abomination appointed by the Obamanation.  Reject him, shun him, ignore him.

We need a new “Court” along with a more specific Constitution which identifies the “God” we reference in our Pledge of Allegiance as THE God of the Scriptures who gave us the Big Ten.

Impeach the pagan bastard, Bastian.

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