Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Mueller and the Damned Dems

In his 25 April, 2019 article, “Mueller Investigation Was Driven by Pious Hypocrisy,” Victor Davis Hanson concludes: ” Special counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year, $30 million, 448-page report did not find collusion between Donald Trump and Russia.” 

Lovely.  Are there repercussions to come following the phony accusations which were obviously driven by an “invidious animus” against the President?   (I just had to use that expression which pro-abort law-suit junkies used to falsely accuse me and other anti-abortionists of threatening abortionists with violence, death, etc.)  Indeed these Lefties are, themselves, driven my such an animus and it appears to be driving them quite crazy. 

“Mueller expended a huge amount of government resources to confirm what many knew at the outset: that there was never any collusion with the Russian government to warp the 2016 election,” Hanson charges.  Indeed, ought Mueller to pay back American citizens for this wasteful, mindlessly invidious investigation?  As Hanson puts it, “Mueller’s team went down every blind alley relating to its investigation — except where Obama-era officials were likely culpable for relevant unethical or illegal behavior.”

Clearly, the whole fraudulent investigation was driven by philosophically hostile opponents of the President.  How is it that the taxpayers must fund such a tantrum?  How about a payback?  Why ought the taxpayers pay for a these Lefties to get their political rocks off by screwing with the President and the taxpayers?  They a frauds who commit the very crimes they accuse the President of committing.  Hanson puts it succinctly:  “The problem with the Muller investigation, and with former intelligence officials such as Brennan, Clapper, Comey and McCabe, is pious hypocrisy. Those who have lectured America on Trump’s unproven crimes have written books and appeared on TV to publicize their own superior virtue. Yet they themselves have engaged in all sorts of unethical and illegal behavior.”

25 April, 2019

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