Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Anti-Abortion Violence in America: The Stealth Terrorism (Anti-Defamation League; www.adl.org) – 2015

The article blasphemes opponents of modern America genocide (by abortion) decrying  such opponents as follows:

“Those violent offenders represent the other front in the war against reproductive rights: a sustained campaign of harassment, stalking, threats and violence directed against women’s health care clinics, as well as the doctors, nurses, employees and patrons of such facilities. For the most extreme anti-abortion activists, physically disrupting or halting the operations of clinics is a key goal, even if it means threatening, injuring or killing the people inside such clinics. For many of them, violence is indeed the solution.  To give just one example, Michael Bray, a long-time anti-abortion extremist who spent time in prison for a series of clinic bombings in the 1980s, subsequently wrote and published the book A Time To Kill, which advocates the use of violence “in defense of the child in the womb.” The book is currently sold on the website of The Army of God, a site devoted to portraying the perpetrators of anti-abortion violence and terrorism as heroes and martyrs and to advocating that others follow in their path.”

In reply, let me say that the Anti-Defamation League is attempting to attribute anti-Semitism to those holding the anti-abortion doctrine!  Yeah!  Idiots!  In an article titled  “Anti-Abortion Violence in America: The Stealth Terrorism,” the authors decry a “war being waged on the reproductive rights of women across the United States.” 

Well, well, there may be a “war” waged against baby murder as a “right” and the murderers of babies as erring citizens, but that would not be well described as a war against “reproductive rights” – whatever that means.   

(See it right here! http://live-adl-csc-national.pantheonsite.io/sites/default/files/documents/assets/pdf/combating-hate/Anti-Abortion-Violence-in-the-US-Stealth-Terrorism-web.pdf )

My oh my! Imagine calling resistance to the Holocaust a “war being waged against the right to reduce the Hebraic population expansion” – or something to that effect . . . Again, what slanderous horse shit! – to put it succinctly.

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