Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Sacred Sex and Secular Dope

6 Nov. 2018

Our laws reflect our backward American priorities when compared to those of the Scriptures.  One is the sacred, the other is not.  Yet the sacred is unprotected by the law, while the secular is fiercely regulated.

The Scriptures speak against drunkenness, not drinking (nor smoking, or smoking dope).  Drinking and smoking are permitted in moderation.  They fall into that arena of liberty with the caveat for self-control and moderation such that nothing above God rules the spirit.  It is He to whom our obedience is due above all kings and judges and laws and powers.

But the Scriptures are clear in their condemnation of sexual immorality.  Sex is sacred.  It is the means by which humans, those creatures of His very “image” are reproduced.  “Flee fornication!”  says God’s messenger, the Apostle Paul (1 Cor. 6:18).   And the violation of marriage through sexual relations outside of it was a capital crime by the code God gave Moses.  And no lesser regard for the sanctity of marriage is presented by Jesus and the Apostles.

We need a war, not on drugs, but on sexual immorality.  Abandon the Prohibition orientation and attack real criminality – murder by abortion.

Let our laws and attitudes move closer to His Law.   Lighten up on the dope aversion and increase our disdain for sexual infidelity, perversion, and secularization.   Sex was made by the Maker for marriage.   Want to get some?   Get thee a wife.

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