Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Materialist Doctrine and its Consequences: Broken Families, Despair, and Dope

13 January, 2018

No God, no Judge, no purpose, and no hope.

Simple.   Immorality is consistent with Godlessness.  No law.  No standard.  If all is matter only – no spirit, not God, no Word from Him, no communication of His message to us –  then sorrow follows!  And so I tell my men at the jail.  We are bona fide bullshit.  Lamentations!  That is what the prophet of God wrote about long ago:

“Our inheritance has been turned over to strangers, our houses to aliens.  We have become orphans without a father, our mothers are like widows.  We have to pay for our drinking water, our wood comes to us at a price.  Our pursuers are at out necks. . . Our fathers sinned, and are no more;  It is we who have borne their iniquities . . . Elders were not respected . .  . the joy of our hearts has ceased . . . Woe to us, for we have sinned!   Because of this our heart is faint.”  (Lam. 5:2-17)

Such were the Lamentations of Jeremiah and such shall be ours as we, the United States of America, continue down the road of child-slaughter and sodomy, consequences of having no standard for law in the land.   We have rejected Him civilly and we will suffer civilly.  He will reject us and give us over to the anarchy of Godless judges.   They have unraveled our laws because we have rejected His Law as the basis for all statutes and legislation, and judicial “opinions.”  The rule of Law must be defined.  And justice requires that it be His Law.  The path to recovery is God’s grace in Jesus, freedom from condemnation, and then walking in the Law of God: no adultery, no fornication, no drunkenness (getting high on dope).

And that, it must be affirmed, is the path to political recovery as well.  The Law of God is perfect.  It is just; yea, it defines justice.  It is good.   The Commandments are the Standard and it is a good Standard for communities, for cities, for nations as well as the “individual.”   Each person – each community, each nation – must come under some authority.  What else ought it to be? What else shall it be?

The nonsensical notion that all is random – i.e. mythology known as biological evolution – is false teaching, a fraud, a lie.  It declares – ex cathedra, as it were – that there is no One who is overseeing the operation of this world!

(How do they know that!?)

It proclaims implicitly that Man is the sovereign and that He, as “individual,” is the Lawgiver for himself and whatever community, state, nation, or society in which He, as an evolutionary organism, lives.  It declares – as a philosophical proposition underlying – that Man determines Right from Wrong and that even in this realm of ethics that there is no such universal distinction between two such propositions!  Man here, Man there, Man everywhere may discriminate for Himself between Right and Wrong.  He is the Lawgiver.

So it is as we now witness in 2018.  Morality is in flux.  Students, apart from those schooled otherwise in churches, are taught a materialist philosophy in the name of science.  They are taught that humanity is  a product of an evolutionary process under the guidance of no God, no mind.   Each organism does what it pleases according to the dictates of its genes.  Be what you want to be!  Be a boy!  Be a girl!  Be a sodomite.  Be an old-fashioned “straight person”!  Not to worry!  What is straight today may be crooked tomorrow!  All evolves!

The drug experience is so exhilarating, so timeless;  it is worth the gamble.  Why not?  This is it!  And the ecstasy of the “high” trumps the trek through a life with no hope.  There is no eternal, beatific future.  There is nothing but dust.  Matter.   So what does it matter? All proceed into graves to be eaten by worms.  Dust to dust.  No soul.  No life after death.  Nothing.  Emptiness!  Life goes on WITHOUT us!  We are left behind.  Nada

But, whoops!  It is not the genes which drive a boy to want to be a girl or vice versa!  Genes don’t explain such aberrations!  Genes don’t explain suicide, adultery, murder, jealousy, envy, and hatred!

Well, what explains the drive behind such trends as Sally wanting to become Johnny?

Well it isn’t biology.  Nope.  It isn’t the genes!

It is something mixed in with matter – a phenomenon known as spirit.    And this spirit is fallen, corrupted, disoriented from its Original Design.

By revelation from the Creator Spirit, we are informed of the declarations that it is married to the body and will go to the grave with it, there separated and to be rejoined at a future, eschatological resurrection of the body and a special Day when the Creator of all bodies and spirits will bring all people who have ever lived back from their graves, whether dusty or watery, and marshal them all before Himself for a Day of Judgment.   Some He will fire from His presence and send away forever to the punishment that they deserve for their reckless insolence, filthy disrespect, and disgusting blasphemy.  Those whom He spared by His Love through the kindness shown the world by Jesus, He takes to be with Him forever.

We reap in America what we have sewn for two generations.  No God; no Law; no Right or Wrong.  All “law” evolves like sartorial fashions; hippie pink here, rainbow there, Lawlessness everywhere.  Marriage, family, children, ethics are all up for grabs.  Redefinitions.  New values.  No values.

And sociologists and politicians wonder at the “opioid crisis” – indeed, 64,000 died from overdoes in the U.S.  in 2016!  The dope-death crisis is a product of a Godless society.  The children brought up strictly in our educational system are trained in hopelessness.  Those devoid of the teachings which have been patently revealed in the message of the Church, confirmed by the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Messiah,  are schooled in the popular, contemporary secular alternative – hedonism.

The proposition is not a new one.  The writer of Ecclesiastes references the notion as a reasonable recommendation for one who has nothing else for which to strive in a life without high (divine) purpose: “Eat drink and be merry!” (8:15).   Smoke dope!  Ingest opioids even to death!  (Why not?  What else is there?)

Oh but even the one who “lives a good life,” albeit absent any interest in the Giver of life, is in trouble.  Yes, even the good-old-boy, who contributes “his share” to society will be surprised on that Day.

“Fear this!” says Jesus.  Fear the one who has authority to cast into hell.  “Fear this One” (Luke 12:5).  May it be that we sober up as communities, as states, and as a nation and declare that the government must be upon His shoulders and that His Law is the foundation for all law.

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