Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

“Gods” and “Wogs”

Terence J. Hughes
Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences and Climate Change
University of Maine
17 May 2011

Part 1: The Roots of Racism

The 1902 edition of The Encyclopedia Britannica in 30 volumes was published at the zenith of British imperialism. I have it and also the 1939 edition in 24 volumes.

Under the heading NEGRO, identified as people living in “all Africa south of the Sahara, India south of the Indo‐Gangetic plains, Malaysia and the greater part of Australasia,” are 14 identifying characteristics: “(1) the abnormal length of the arm which in the erect position sometimes reaches the knee‐pan; (2) prognathism, or projection of the jaws; (3) weight of the brain, as indicating cranial capacity 35 ounces (highest gorilla 20, average European 45); (4) full black eye, with black iris and yellowish sclerotic coat, a very marked feature; (5) short flat snub nose deeply depressed at the base or frontal suture, broad at extremity, with dilated nostrils and concave ridge; (6) thick protruding lips plainly showing the inner red surface; (7) very large zygomatic arches—high and prominent cheek bones; (8) exceedingly thick cranium enabling the Negro to butt with the head and resist blows which would inevitably break any ordinary European’s skull; (9) correspondingly weak lower limbs terminating in a broad flat foot with low instep, divergent and somewhat prehensile great toe and heel projecting backward (‘lark heel’); (10) complexion deep brown or blackish…; (11) short, black hair, eccentrically elliptical or almost flat in section, and distinctly wooly, not merely frizzy…; (12) thick epidermis cool, soft and velvety to the touch, mostly hairless, and emitting a peculiar rancid odour, compared by Pruner Bey to that of the buck goat; (13) frame of medium height, thrown somewhat out of the perpendicular by the shape of the pelvis, the spine, and backward projection of the head, and the whole anatomical structure; (14) the cranial sutures which close much earlier in the Negro than in other races. To this premature ossification of the skull, preventing all further development of the brain, many pathologists have attributed the inherent mental inferiority of blacks, an inferiority which is even more marked than physical differences.”

Note that (1) through (5), (7) through (10), and (13) invite us to compare Black people to gorillas, while (11) and (12) compare them to sheep and goats. Elaborating on (14) is this: “Nearly all observers admit” [!] “that the Negro child is on the whole quite as intelligent as those of other human varieties, but that on arriving at puberty all further progress seems to be arrested. No one has more carefully studied this point than Filippo Manetta, who during a long residence on the plantations of the Southern States of America, noted that ‘the Negro children were sharp, intelligent, and full of vivacity, but on approaching the adult period a gradual change sets in. The intellect seemed to become clouded, animation giving place to a sort of lethargy, briskness yielding to indolence. We must necessarily suppose that the development of the Negro and White proceeds on 2 different lines. While in the latter the volume of the brain grows with the expansion of the brainpan, in the former the growth of the brain is on the contrary arrested by the premature closing of the cranial sutures and lateral pressure of the frontal bone.’”

No mention is made that the cause of this “lethargy” may be a realization by “Negroes” they had no chance to develop their native abilities in pursuit of careers off the plantation. Instead there is this: “But for this disturbing element it would perhaps be readily admitted that the mental are at least as marked as the physical differences between the dark and other races. And as both are the gradual outcome of external conditions, fixed by heredity, it follows that the attempt to suddenly transform the Negro mind by foreign culture must be, as it has proved to be, as futile as the attempt would be to suddenly transform his physical type.” The “disturbing element” is the “intelligent Negro child.”

Wait. There’s more: “On his moral status, even when removed from the old associations and brought directly under more favourable influences, a lurid light is cast by the report of the Rev. Dr. Tucker at the American Church Congress for 1883 on the present condition of the black communities in the Southern States: ‘I know of whole neighbourhoods where there is not one single Negro couple whether legally married or not, who are faithful toeach other beyond a few weeks. In the midst of a prayer‐meeting I have, known Negroes steal from each other, and on the way home they will rob any hen‐roost that lies conveniently at hand.’” And this: “Mention is further made of Negro missionaries guilty of the grossest immorality, lying in open concubinage, addicted to thieving, lying, and every imaginary crime, yet all ‘earnest and successful preachers, and wholly unconscious of hypocrisy. Their sins, universally known, did not diminish their influence with their race. It was impossible to doubt their absolute sincerity.’”

The 1902 Encyclopedia Britannica prints as fact hearsay from some White Southern preacher that all forms of immorality are inherent in “Negroes,” especially their Christian missionaries.

And this: “Slavery continues everywhere to prevail, both as a local institution and a branch of the export trade, where not checked by European Governments. Much of the surplus population not thus carried off probably finds its way to the shambles of the native states in the middle Congo basin and other parts where cannibalism is practiced, and where human flesh appears to be sold in the open market‐place.”

Thank God for “European Governments” who “check” the African slave trade—after profiting mightily from it for three centuries.

The 1939 edition continues this theme. Regarding “Negro” hair, for example, is this:  “the Negro pile will felt, like wool, whereas true hair cannot be felted” (unlike sheep and the “buck goat”). And this: “Cannibalism is found in its simplest form in Africa, where the majority of cannibal tribes eat human flesh because they like it.”

So what’s going on here? Andrew Young, a Black American activist and politician of our time, insisted, “The English invented racism.” Oh? If so, when and how? In 1859 Charles Darwin published, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. In it Darwin advanced the thesis that all life on Earth was the result of “Natural Selection” by which the random events in Nature acted on minor variations within species of plants and animals in such a way that certain variations provided a survival advantage in competition with those not having this variation. As these favorable variations piled up, new species having this advantage would “evolve” from the parent species. Darwin provided no example of this actually happening. He cited the adaptability of finch bills on the Galapagos Islands that changed from long and slender to short and stout, and back, as feeding habits changed when periods of weather went from wet to dry, and back. But the birds remained finches. Darwin’s key point was this “evolution” was driven by purely random events in Nature. There was no role for God in providing the great variety of life forms on our planet. His other book, The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex (1871), applies these ideas specifically to human evolution. From this the concept of three human “races” emerged, the White, Yellow, and Black Races, each with its own physical and mental characteristics. Brown and Red “races” were added later. The Encyclopedia Britannica instructed us on how to evaluate these races.

The least “human” of course was the Black Race. It all fit so nicely. Mankind came out of Africa. Those who were most adaptable to the new environments became the White and Yellow Races. The farther from Africa the better, which puts Englishmen (are they transplanted Scandinavians?) at the top of the White Race and Chinamen at the top of the Yellow Race. The Black Race stayed in Africa and didn’t “evolve” from its “subhuman” state because the African environment didn’t change. What could be simpler?

Well, it wasn’t that simple. There is a lot of “White trash” within the White Race, as The Reverend Thomas Malthus of the Church of England pointed out in his 1798 tract, An Essay on the Principle of Population. To get rid of this trash, Malthus insisted, “Instead of recommending cleanliness to the poor, we should encourage contrary habits. In our towns we should make the streets narrower, crowd more people into the houses, and court the return of the plague. In the country we should build our villages near stagnant pools, and particularly encourage settlement in all marshy and unwholesome situations. But above all we should reprobate [i.e., reject] specific remedies for ravaging diseases; and restrain those benevolent, but much mistaken men, who have thought they were doing a service to mankind by projecting schemes for the total extirpation of particular disorders.”

Reverend Malthus does not attempt to reconcile his beliefs regarding poor people with those of Jesus Christ, whom he had taken solemn vows to serve. Instead, he advanced the notion that the human population multiplied geometrically with each generation: 2—4—8—16, etc., whereas plants, our food supply, increased only arithmetically, 2—4—6—8, etc. He did not explain how each ear of corn on a cornstalk has hundreds of kernels and each apple tree produces hundreds of apples, with many seeds in each apple, all of which could be planted each year to produce a geometrical progression of, for example, 1—1000—1,000,000‐‐‐1,000,000,000, etc., that far outstrips human reproduction.

The Scientific Establishment eagerly embraced Malthus’ thesis right up to our own day, despite its obvious absurdity. Why? The upper classes with Money were producing fewer people than the lower “parasitic” classes. Darwin’s cousin, Francis Galton, published, Inquiries into Human Faculty and Its Development, in which he advocated “eugenics” to increase the “good births” of “superior” people (like him) and decrease the breeding of “dysgenic stocks” so the ruling class could bio‐engineer the ascent of human evolution beyond what was possible with the “random events” provided by Nature. Why not? It’s no different from breeding livestock to “weed out” undesired strains.

By the end of the 19th Century, a new paradigm had emerged among the moneyed “elite” who ruled the nations of Christendom. The Biblical view is humanity was created in the image and likeness of God, and spending eternity with Him in Heaven was our destiny. That had been increasingly replaced with the Darwinian view that we came from worms and our only destiny was to be eaten by worms. It was Esau exchanging his birthright for pottage. Removing a commanding role for God in human affairs left a power vacuum. Big Money in the hands of the ruling “elite” moved into that vacuum as the new “god” in charge.  In England, the self‐appointed “gods” coined a name for those who had, or aspired to have, money and belonged to the “tinted” races within the British Empire. They were “wogs,” meaning “worthy Oriental gentlemen” if they were from the Orient and “White‐oriented gentlemen” if they were from Africa. “Wogs” aspired to join the upper classes of the White Man despite being the wrong color. The idea was to bring these men to England, turn them into “Englishmen” by educating them in prestige English universities controlled by the White “gods,” and then return them to their native lands where they would keep the rest of the “wogs” in check.

This didn’t always work. Mohandas Gandhi didn’t buy into it and freed India instead. Sometimes an Englishman became the “wog.” T. E. Lawrence became “Lawrence of Arabia.” Blatant racism continued well into the 20th Century. In Black America, the “wog” was the “Uncle Tom” who sold out to “Whitey.” Margaret Sanger, foundress of Planned Parenthood, pounded the drums of eugenics to create “A Race of Thoroughbreds” through selective breeding. With Clarence Gamble, Big Money Mogul of Procter and Gamble, Sanger hatched her “Negro Project.” In a 1939 memorandum to Gamble she wrote, “We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten that idea out if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” After all, the Encyclopedia Britannica in 1902 assured her that “Negro ministers” had no moral scruples whatever. They will be her “Uncle Toms.” She was right. In our day that list includes Reverends Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Jeremiah Wright, all pounding the drums to “exterminate the Negro population” by aborting Black babies.

Even with Planned Parenthood aborting five Black babies for every White baby, we don’t hear much about “eugenics” and “dysgenic stocks” that are a “dead weight of human waste” in Sanger’s words. Those words don’t “fly” today because one word trumps them.


Part 2: “Overpopulation.”

At Auschwitz, the eugenics creed was applied to exterminate not the Black Race, but the most gifted people on Earth, European Jewry. After a decade using the Nazi propaganda machine to depict Jews as “vermin” and “parasites” (one “newsreel” shows rats streaming out of a sewer and then cuts quickly to a shabby man—“a Jew”—with a rat‐like face), Hitler summoned his “elite” to tell them it was time to “solve the Jewish question” by exterminating them. One objected, saying, “To do that we would need the cooperation of every burgermeister and constable in Germany. Many grew up with Jews, they’ve had Jewish friends since boyhood. They won’t do it.” Hitler screamed back, spitting saliva, “They’ll do it! They’ll do it JUST TO KEEP THIER MISERABLE LITTLE JOBS!” And they did it. They did it just to keep their miserable little jobs.

We must not think of racism as just something hatched by the White “gods” with money to suppress non‐White “wogs” with none. Apart from a faster breeding rate, “wogs” were no threat to the “gods” but Jews were. Given an even chance, Jews as a group would make money faster than the “gods” who already had money. That was the belief. Something had to be done. Auschwitz had been tried, but after World War II one‐third of European Jewry remained. The “gods” couldn’t try that “solution” again. Been there, done that.

“But here’s an idea. Suppose we create a homeland outside of Europe for the surviving Jews?” Since World War I, England ruled Palestine as a League of Nations mandate. “Suppose we dump the surviving Jews in Palestine, create a new Jewish State in the heart of Islam, and let the Muslims deal with them?” As Pharaoh said in Egypt over 3000 years earlier, “So have I said. So it shall be.” Since then Israel has had to fight off Muslims in 1949, 1956, 1967, 1973, and counting. I asked my Jewish friend who escaped the Holocaust if the European “gods” had this in mind. He replied, “It’s possible.”

With that “solution” in place, the White “gods” could turn their attention to “wogs” who were producing too many children instead of too much money. “Demography is destiny.” The day would come when “wogs” replaced “gods” merely by breeding faster. Darwin guaranteed it. Once the Darwinist view that we came from worms and were destined to be eaten by worms seeped down from the moneyed “gods” to infect the general White population in what had been Christendom, the incentive to bear and raise children vanished. Why spend so much time, energy, and money to produce worm food? Why not just enjoy la dolce vita instead, for however many years we have until we die? So they did.

That meant importing Muslims into Europe to do the drudge jobs Europeans despised. Muslims from former British and French colonies were already citizens of those countries by virtue of their membership in the British Commonwealth of Nations and the French Union. Bring ‘em in.

Bring Muslims from Turkey, Germany’s World War I ally, into Germany. Bring Muslims from the Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia, into The Netherlands. Bring Muslims from Morocco back into Spain and Portugal 500 years after driving them out. Today “multiculturalism” reigns. Muslims from former Third World colonies are now colonizing the First World imperialist nations. Islam inherits Christendom by default.

As Steven Mosher reports in Population Control: Real Costs, Illusory Benefits, France today is about ten percent Muslim, but in urban centers of wealth and power the population under 35 is 40 percent Muslim. Native French have 1.3 children, the European average. Muslims have triple that. By 2050 France will be 40 percent Muslim. Conditions are worse in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Russia. Mosher writes, “Soon Europe will be empty of Gauls, Teutons, Britons, and Slavs, perhaps. But other tribes, more fruitful than the modern‐day European ones, will certainly come to occupy the pleasant lands north of the Mediterranean. And the surviving Europeans will retreat to their retirement homes, as the Neanderthals once retreated across the same terrain before the advance of Cro‐Magnon Man. In France, as in most of Western Europe, the successor population is already in place.”

Darwin’s “Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life” turns out to “favour” the “wogs,” not the “gods” who rejected God’s revelation of human origins and destiny for Darwinian pottage that rots out their desire to reproduce.

Astonishingly, this is what the “gods” wanted, ever since Paul Ehrlich published The Population Bomb in 1968. Citing Malthus’ bogus reproduction rates for humans and plants, Ehrlich predicted global famine that would cut the global population in half by the end of the century. That could be done without the “suffering” if governments took control of population growth. This was at the end of the “baby boom” in America, so there was a rapid growth in population. However the “green revolution” was also in full throttle, so the global food supply was increasing much faster. That wasn’t mentioned.

The quintessential “wog” of the “worthy Oriental gentleman” variety was Song Jian, a systems control specialist who came to Europe from China in 1978. Eager to learn how the White Man controlled population, he read The Limits to Growth, a fraudulent publication by The Club of Rome in 1974 based on the belief people are a pestilence (it counted mouths to feed, not brains to nurture). Economic growth could be attained only by reducing human growth. It projected future populations using a computer simulation by system engineers at MIT. The British Blueprint for Survival aimed at reducing the British population from 56 million to 30 million. This scientific hoax fooled Song Jian, and he convinced the Communist “gods” to apply the computer simulation to reducing China’s population. The goal was 1.5 children per woman to bring the population down to 777 million by 2080. That was reduced to one child. It was “unfair” to allow half the women to have one child and half two children to attain the 1.5 average. Government must be “fair.”

In rural China this meant treating women with extreme brutality. Government goons who found a woman to be pregnant again, even days from birth, demanded she abort her baby. If she refused, they dragged her to an abortion center and killed her baby, often by injecting formaldehyde into the soft spot in the skull. Then she was sterilized. If the woman ran away, her house and her parents’ and in‐laws’ houses were torn down, her farm animals were confiscated, and her husband and relatives were imprisoned until they told where she was hiding. Steven Mosher saw these atrocities when he was in rural China from 1979 to l980 doing his doctoral research as the first exchange student from Stanford University. He included his account in his doctoral dissertation, but the Stanford administration demanded it be expunged. When he refused he was expelled. He published his research as the book, Broken Earth: the Rural Chinese. He then joined The Population Research Institute in Front Royal, Virginia, which he has directed for many years.

“It worked!” China’s economic boom has been attributed to its one‐child policy. But China will get old before China gets rich.  When the number of children are limited, girls are identified by ultrasound and then aborted in China and India; in China because boys are expected to support their parents in old age, in India because girls are expected to bring an expensive dowry to their wedding. Both China and India have populations of well over one billion, with a great excess of boys and young men who can’t find wives. Governments historically have “solved” the problem of too many energetic disaffected young men by sending them to die in foreign wars. With China, that would be expansion into Russia and Turkestan. With India, that would be expansion into Islam. All have nuclear weapons. Murphy’s Law states, “If something can go wrong, it will go wrong.” A nuclear World War III, anyone?

Human population growth exceeds replacement levels in Islam, Black Africa, and Latin America. Islam controls Big Oil and Muslims harbor hostility to the imperialistic European nations that held them in colonial bondage less than a century ago. Now American foreign policy aims to bring Muslim countries under American bondage, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya by conquest, and using Big Money to “buy” royal families in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Emirates in the Persian Gulf. Black Africa has nearly all the rare‐earth metals vital in sustaining our electronics industries, from cell phones to satellites.

China has a trade monopoly on rare earths in most African countries. It has broken the American hold intended by National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200), called “The Kissinger Report” because it was drafted by Henry Kissinger as Nixon’s National Security Advisor and implemented as his Secretary of State. The goal of NSSM 200 is to reduce Africa’s Black population so African mineral treasures can be exported to America instead of used to finance indigenous economic growth that would support a growing African population. The plan was to “buy” Black dictators such as General Ibrahim Babangida in oil‐rich Nigeria in exchange for their promotion of contraception and abortion to reduce their populations. Planned Parenthood (PP), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), all funded by American taxpayers, are vehicles for reducing Black populations.

This plan included replacing drugs that cure ravaging diseases in Africa, malaria, cycle‐cell anemia, river blindness, typhoid, etc., with dangerous mechanical and chemical contraceptives implanted and injected into women in unsanitary conditions that cause infections (hopefully?) leading to sterility. Many of these devices are outlawed in America.

For African men, condoms replaced life‐saving drugs, condoms that fail because the latex cracks under the conditions of heat and humidity in Africa. Condoms are touted as preventing pandemic HIV/AIDS in Africa, but (as planned?) spread the disease because they leak AIDS‐infected semen. When Pope Benedict XVI pointed this out, recommending chastity and monogamy, he was demonized for blowing the cover of White Governments and their media stooges, the “gods” behind this scheme. The US goal in Africa is to make abortion as prevalent as in America as a “backup” to failed contraception. Last year, American money succeeded in getting a new pro‐abortion constitution enacted in Kenya.

In Latin America, the biggest “success” of USAID was both financing and conducting the racist sterilization of indigenous Andean Indians in Peru, some 100,000 per year in the 1990s, working in cahoots with dictator Alberto Fujimori. USAID is engaged in sterilizing native women from Mexico to Bolivia, and all over the world where its Big Money (extracted from American taxpayers) can “buy” brutal dictators and “manage” elections.

A major “player” in this activity is the World Bank, dating from when Robert McNamera took charge. McNamera is the “Joe Btfsplk” of Murphy’s Law. Btfsplk was a character created by cartoonist Al Capp. A black cloud flashing lightning and pouring rain was always over his head and disaster followed wherever he went. McNamera presided over Ford Motors and unveiled the Edsel that nobody wanted. Then he became Secretary of Defense for Kennedy and Johnson, presiding over the American defeat in Vietnam.

McNamera ended up running the World Bank, doling out Big Money to curb population growth in the Third World. Everyone knew he was a stooge of the U. S. Government so he gave America a well‐deserved “black eye” wherever he poured out our money to brutalize Third World women and prevent their babies from being born.

It seems to me that American foreign policy aims at castrating, spaying, contracepting, and aborting the Third World out of existence, especially in Africa. How else to explain what we are doing in Africa? In 1966 and 1967 I traveled overland through Africa from Cairo to Capetown. Like other people, Africans come in a great variety of sizes and shapes. But in my memory, African women are tall, slender, and stately with a natural dignity and their children are beautiful and absolutely delightful. Why do the “gods” who run our foreign policy want to devastate and kill these people? It only makes sense to me if it emerges from America’s racist past and its legacy of slavery. Slavery was the “peculiar institution” of the self‐styled “gods” who had or had access to Big Money. They owned Southern slave plantations and Northern mines and factories where workers were little more than wage slaves. They were the “gods” who oppressed the “wogs.” They could have painted the portrait of the “Negro” in the 1902 Encyclopedia Britannica.

Their propagandists in the early 20th Century were unabashed racists. Madison Grant (The Passing of the Great Race, 1917) and Lothrop Stoddard (The Rising Tide of Color Against White Supremacy, 1920) are two of many. Notice they only have family names. They didn’t produce enough children to retain all the old WASP family names, so they loaded them onto the few children they had. James Michael Curly, Boston’s mayor of that era, was asked by a reporter, “What do you think of the governor’s appointing Endicott Peabody Saltenstall as Attorney General?” Curley’s reply: “What? All three of them?”

Margaret Sanger, one of 11 children of Irish immigrants, clawed her way from “wog” to “god” status by pounding the racist and eugenics drums at Ku Klux Klan rallies and in Pivot of Civilization (1922), where she wrote, “Remember our motto: If we must have welfare, give it to the rich, not the poor.” It’s “crony capitalism.” Big Government bails out Big Money. Sanger advocated either sterilization or a lifetime in concentration camps for “dysgenic” Americans. Her advice to the poor parents of a newborn baby: “Kill it!”

In 1966, the U. S. Government created the Office of Population within the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and put racist Dr. Reimert Thorolf Ravenholt in charge. Here’s what he says to Black Americans: “Although American blacks still heap incessant blame upon contemporary white populations because earlier white populations owned black slaves, this in an inappropriate onus; rather, American blacks should thank their lucky stars that the institution of slavery did exist in earlier centuries; if not, these American blacks would not exist: their ancestors would have been killed by their black enemies, instead of being sold as slaves. The only way Africans were then able to get to America was in slave ships; and because their ancestors were transported here as slaves, many millions of blacks are living far better in America than are their cousins in Africa—where starvation and the killing fields prevail.” Right out of the 1902 Encyclopedia Britannica playbook. Ravenholt then proceeded to use his new office to produce even more deaths in the African “killing fields,” as Steven Mosher documents.

Ravenholt opposed providing “food, potable water, antibiotics, immunizations, etc.” to African countries unless “the deaths prevented thereby are not balanced by prevention of a roughly equal number of births” as required by NSSM 200. “Dr. Riemert Thorolf Ravenholt” is a name right out of Central Casting for a movie about the Third Reich. Did Dr. Ravenholt have a mechanical arm like “Dr. Strangelove” that gave the Nazi salute?

Depopulating Africa was justified as American foreign policy in NSSM 200 on the grounds that we were struggling with the Soviets for control of these people and their resources in a Cold War. With the collapse of the Soviet Empire in 1990, that dog would no longer hunt. A new strategy to continue the same imperialistic policy was needed.

Part 3: Climategate

“Man‐Caused Catastrophic Global Warming” to the rescue! Near the end of the 20th Century, glaciologists and oceanographers were finding detailed records of past climates by coring samples of ice through mountain glaciers worldwide and the ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica, and coring sediments on the ocean floor around the world.

These records were usually not direct measures of climate. They were concentrations of ions, isotopes, atmospheric gasses, microorganisms, dust, mud, rock minerals, volcanic ash, etc., each of which has a “climate signature” that is a proxy for temperature, precipitation, wind intensity and direction, atmospheric composition, etc. existing at the time when the snow and sediments were deposited. The high resolution of these climate indicators in ice cores showed many abrupt changes, some within a week, that were as drastic as the contrast between glacial and interglacial climates during the current Quaternary Ice Age (the last million years), with cold glacial episodes lasting about 100,000 years separated by warm interglacial episodes lasting about 10,000 years. The abrupt “climate” changes occurred within these episodes, being more numerous and drastic during glacial episodes.

We are now near the end of a 10,000‐year interglacial warm period. Since the Industrial Revolution, beginning around 1850, the world has been coming out of a cold period called the Little Ice Age that was preceded by a warm period called the Medieval Climate Optimum when Vikings were able to settle in Iceland and Greenland. One view is the Little Ice Age would have become a full glaciation cycle but for pollution that warmed Earth’s atmosphere during the Industrial Revolution. Now that Third World countries are becoming industrialized, notably China and India, global warming has taken a “sharp upturn.” This “man‐caused catastrophic global warming” is being cited by the “gods” of population control as a menace that can only be overcome by reducing global population.

Since First World countries have birth rates that are decreasing their populations, they are bound to “encourage” Third World countries to do the same. Guess what “encouragement” is used? Read National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200).

As noted by comparing the fecundity of corn and apples to human fecundity, the notion that human “breeding” will lead to widespread starvation and ecological disaster is a fraud used to conceal the true goal of reducing the numbers of Third World “wogs” so  First World “gods” can retain control of the global economy and Big Money. Here it must be said that “gods” with Big Money want to keep it—and get more. So they use their power and influence to get the Really Big Money from taxpayers who have no inkling of their real intentions. American and European governments finance these racist activities by telling taxpayers they are “Saving The Planet.”

Racism is not a theme in the book, Coming Climate Crisis? Consider the Past, Beware the Big Fix (2010), by Claire Parkinson, a NASA glaciologist and climatologist. What she does is review 4.6 billion years of Earth’s climate history to showcase the many natural causes of climate change, including abrupt changes. She then shows how human activities beginning with agricultural advances 10,000 years ago may have contributed to some of these climate changes, so asking if our more drastic activities today may also contribute is legitimate. In particular, she examines various “geo‐engineering” schemes to reduce “mancaused” warming, schemes she judges to be ill‐advised in the extreme, given the reality of Murphy’s Law. She concludes her book by examining more sensible ways to reduce global pollution and warming that don’t involve drastic attempts to reduce our population and standard of living. Her main conclusion is more data are needed as input to more reliable computer models that simulate climates past, present, and future before some coalition of governments tries to alter a climate system we understand only tentatively.

Parkinson’s balanced and sober appraisal is a refreshing tonic to the scare tactics being advanced by the “gods” who pound the drums of “man‐caused catastrophic global warming.” Is this just another scientific fraud like Ehrlich’s “Population Bomb”? First, is general global warming real? Yes, if you begin it around 1850. No, if you begin it around 1000. Even dating from 1850, there have been decades since then when our climate cooled.

Accepting climate warming since 1850, has it been man‐caused? Here we need to distinguish between proxies for atmospheric temperature, “greenhouse gasses” such as carbon dioxide, and actual temperature measurements. Recent proxy records show warming but actual temperatures show cooling. The proxy temperatures don’t always match actual temperatures. Would warming be catastrophic? The largest and most widespread changes would be thawing of permafrost and melting of sea ice in polar and sub‐polar regions. Thawing permafrost in Russia, Canada, and Alaska would open enormous land areas to agriculture (with 18 to 24 hours of summer sunshine allowing multiple harvests), mining (minerals, coal, oil, and natural gas), and commerce (farms, towns, and cities). Melting sea ice would open shipping lanes to the and from the Orient (Northeast and Northwest Passages) half as long as present‐day lanes and would add all the new trade and commerce made possible by thawing the permafrost. The down side?

There would be significant coastal flooding if warming reduced large parts of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, and weather may be unstable for a time if the climate change is too fast. The social, political, and economic consequences could be severe, but they would be temporary. The advantages would be greater and last much longer.

Fortunately, the scare‐mongers have overplayed their hand, and done so at a time when the economies needed to finance their schemes are in free-fall because of too much Government spending to support ever‐expanding “entitlement” programs. For Government employees, these include high salaries that regularly increase faster than the cost of living, medical benefits that even include such things as “Viagra,” and cushy retirement plans that allow retirees to live like millionaires. This crushing burden is borne by taxpayers in the private economy who make much less money, have more restricted health care, and much more modest retirement incomes. Increasingly, the Federal Government “pays” these costs merely by printing more money so the financial burden is loaded on the backs of poor people because dollars lose buying power, and on the backs of people who haven’t yet been born (so they can’t vote today’s politicians out of office).

“Climategate” is the name attached to this attempt to stampede the public into a panic about imminent man‐caused catastrophic climate warming, so politicians will open the sluices of Government funding for even more climate research. “Climategate” broke when a whistle‐blower in 2009 released e‐mail messages from the Climate Research Group (CRG) at East Anglia University in England to other climatologists, showing a conspiracy existed to prevent publication of research that didn’t support “man‐caused catastrophic global warming.” In a 163‐page analysis of the e‐mails that includes key excerpts, John P. Costella identifies the “key conspirators,” Phil Jones at CRG and Michael Mann at The Pennsylvania State University (PSU). Other conspirators are Tom Wigley “who becomes increasingly worried about the unfolding scandal,” Keith Briffa “an older conspirator whose blunders lead the others to all but abandon him,” Ben Santer “a dangerously arrogant and naïve young conspirator in the United States,” and other conspirators “of varying degrees of complicity and integrity.” CRG “research” is funded by American taxpayers.

Costella comments, “We here are reminded of the fact that the entire industry of climate research was created out of virtually nothing, by means of a massive influx of funding that was almost universally one‐sided in its requirement that its recipients find evidence for man‐made climate change—not investigate whether or how much mankind had caused climate change. In contrast to the literally trillions of dollars of global expenditure ultimately urged on world leaders by these scientists by the end of 2009, the amounts involved in funding their research appear trifling—typically measured in ‘mere’ millions of dollars (A trillion is a million millions!). But many ‘climate scientists’ built their entire careers on this funding; and so it is not surprising that they became so completely reliant on this conditional lifeline, that they became single‐mindedly focused on achieving the ends for which they were commissioned—and viciously attacking intruders who may threaten
that lifeline.” Is this the new governmental scheme to reduce Third World populations?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) makes recommendations to participating governments on how to implement the multi‐trillion‐dollar recommendations by the conspirators. The IPCC also controls the money sluices that fund the conspirators.

Costella: “We now encounter one of the most insidious red herrings in the climate debate: how many thousands of scientists ‘endorsed’ the views of the IPPC.” This also was rigged.

Will taxpayers be forced to provide these trillions of dollars just so the conspirators can “keep their miserable little jobs”?

Exhibit Number One in the IPCC 2001 climate report was the “hockey stick” plot of proxy temperatures over the last thousand years showing no overall temperature change until 1900 when temperatures began a steep increase. This plot was produced by Michael Mann and the IPCC announced it “proved” recent warming was man‐caused. In a lead article in Population Research Institute Review (2010) titled, “Global Warming Science?

Nope, Global Warming Scam,” Steven Mosher presented six “tricks” used by the conspirators: (1) destroy their own conflicting data, (2) Cherry pick data to show the new warming trend they want, (3) massage data to remove earlier records of climate warming such as the Medieval Climate Optimum, (4) adjust computer climate models to “fit” the desired data, (5) enlist sympathetic media in attacking skeptics, and (6) insist “the science is settled.” It hasn’t worked. The U. S. National Academy of Sciences has declared Mann’s “hockey stick” graph has “a validation skill not significantly different from zero.”

Why would the conspirators risk their careers with such a scam? Mann’s “hockey stick” tells us. In the 1990s it shows the fastest “rise” in temperatures. This puts rapid “man‐caused” climate warming within election cycles of politicians. Politicians fund their research. Politicians told them what climate trends they wanted and the conspirators delivered the desired trends. Just so they could “keep their miserable little jobs.” After all, that isn’t as bad as herding Jews into the gas chambers at Auschwitz.

Or is it? As I have documented here, American politicians, particularly of the “liberal progressive” persuasion, are obsessed with lowering the non‐White population in the Third World so Big Money stays with them in the First World. “Man‐caused” global warming gives the only “scientific” justification for implementing their agenda. The Third World has the biggest “carbon footprint” on the planet, growing bigger especially in China and India.

America and Europe have a big “carbon footprint” too, but “we” are doing something about it. We are cleaning up our air and water, removing industrial pollutants, and reducing our population below replacement levels. We’re the “good guys” Third World people should emulate. And if they won’t, we’ll “help” them (“we” being Big Government).

This attitude was most recently expressed in the Congressional struggle to reduce Federal spending for the 2011 fiscal year. Continuing funding America’s largest abortion “provider” Planned Parenthood, was “the hill” Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, said he “was prepared to die on” and his Uncle Tom in the White House said he’d die with Reid if it came to that. Now get this. Reid, Senate Democrats, and President Barack Obama stated they would shut‐down the Federal Government before they would cut funding the one organization that specializes in killing the next generation of Americans by the millions—and targets Black and Hispanic citizens for extermination. Can you tell me this isn’t racist?

Part 4: The Cost of Politicizing Science

The struggle between the “gods” and the “wogs” is as old as mankind. In our time, it is found in the writings of Thomas Malthus regarding “White trash” and Charles Darwin regarding “inferior races” in the struggle for survival. The Encyclopedia Britannica gave it “intellectual respectability” from 1902 to 1939. After Auschwitz it needed more respectable “intellectual” cover. It found it in the “scientific” justification for lowering global population, first to defuse the “Population Bomb” caused by “reckless and irresponsible swarming and spawning” of “dysgenic” people (quoting Margaret Sanger) and then to “Save The Planet” from “man‐caused catastrophic global warming” (quoting the IPCC). Always it is the Third World non‐White population that has to be lowered, has to be “sacrificed.” Why? Because White people, accepting the dead‐end of Darwinism, have stopped bearing children.

Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood, which gets “$364,000,000 annually from the Federal Government to kill the next generation of Americans by the millions, targeting Black Americans. Every year, PP gives its “Maggie” award to whomever does most to promote this goal. Our Secretary of State holds the “Maggie.” She has vowed to bring unrestricted abortion to every country in Africa. If she and NSSM 200 succeed, so babies fall below two per woman, who will support these women in old age? African “governments” in thralldom to the U. S. Government? Dream on.

President Obama, as Commander in Chief, was willing to stop paying our soldiers fighting our insane wars with radical Islam, rather than stop funding Planned Parenthood, which is dedicated to killing his own people. The funding was continued. This tells me the U.S. Government is the Enemy Of The People, exposed as making funding killing the next generation of Americans the top priority over everything else, even national security.

As I write, the U. S. Government is providing USAID funding to “non‐governmental organizations” in cahoots with the Rwandan government, run by Hutus, to “castrate” 700,000 men in their peak fertility years from 20 to 50, using vasectomies in a circumcision campaign to “prevent HIV/AIDS” (Population Research Institute Review, March/April 2011). The minority Tutsi population is targeted; 700,000 is all of the Tutsi males in this age group. Genocidal fights between Hutus and Tutsis have continued for generations in both Rwanda and Burundi. Why is USAID working with Hutus to castrate Tutsi men and probably reignite that genocidal war? It gets rid of Black Africans. Read NSSM 200.

On a personal level, this policy has affected a friendship with the Director of the Climate Change Institute (CCI) at the University of Maine that began in 1968. Last year a German exchange student in Nebraska asked my by e‐mail for my opinion regarding “man-caused catastrophic global warming.” I questioned all four of those assumptions, presented as “facts” by the IPCC, in my reply, telling him global warming would be a net plus for humanity. I urged him to contact the CCI Director who was engaged in this research. We both study the large ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica. He studies climate records in ice cores and I study ice dynamics. He replied by e‐mail that I was either ignorant or disloyal. Ignorant? I sent the German student references to published work that led to my views. Disloyal? I’ve been in the CCI for 37 years, much longer than the Director, and no loyalty test was ever discussed. I study dynamic instabilities in large ice sheets that could be triggered by global warming, so my published work can be cited by those who pound that drum. Three of my papers will appear in Establishment scientific journals this year. So why this attack on me? Money? The Director’s research focuses on short‐term climate change that occurs within election cycles, and is therefore dependent on Government funding driven by an agenda to castrate and spay the Third World, especially Black Africans. Is our Government run by Darwinists who still think the Black “race” isn’t fully human, so it will never make great contributions to humanity? Then we can “cull” Black people to get African resources, as Kissinger’s NSSM 200 planned. Is that it?

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