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23 Skidoo, Shelley!

21 December, 2016

On September 8, 1995, federal Judge James A. Redden sentenced Shelley to twenty years consecutive to the eleven years to which the Kansas state court had sentenced her. “Though I am loathe to call anyone a terrorist,” Redden declared, “you are a terrorist.”  Scram! Or as was said by the judge’s parents back in the day, “23 Skidoo! And off to jail with you!”

Might one suppose that the good Judge ever spanked any of his children 23 times?  In a day?  In an hour?

What does such a person think when he send a person away to prison for 276 months?  23 years is a long time, a long spanking.

But it came easy off the mouth of a judge who apparently is more offended by the shooting of an “abortion doctor” in his arms than by the slaughtering of thousands of babies by those same arms. (Yes, Shelley purposes avoided killing the abortionist even though she knew she had the right to end his life in order to same the lives of innocents.)

Locked up since August of 1993, her state sentence (with “good time” deducted) was completed on June 5, 2001. The twenty year federal time began on June 6, 2001 and is projected to be completed on November 7, 2018 Anno Domini – her release date. That is 25 years in real time with 23 down.

Twenty years ago she wrote me in a letter dated December 30, 1996.  She was responding to a request for information to share at our then-annual White Rose Banquet sponsored by Reformation Lutheran Church, of which I was a pastor.  The Banquet celebrated of Prisoners of Christ who were jailed for risking their lives and freedom for others; they had damaged the abortuaries where the unborn “others” were being murdered under the cover of law.

She wrote succinctly in answer to some numbered questions I had asked in order to gather data for the banquet.  The letter appears here in part as follows:


Thanks for the encouraging letter. . .

The info you wanted:

  1. I pled guilty (and did do) the 1992 fires at Ashland, OR, Eugene, Portland, Reno (one of them Michael Fix pled to 3 or 4), 2 in Sacramento; and the two stink attacks (butyric acid) in Chico, California and Reno, Nevada, also in ’92.
  2. I’m not adjusting to this purgatory, mostly. I hope I hurry up and die. [Answering as   to how she is faring].
  3. Gov. Bill Graves, Capitol Bld., 2nd Floor, Topeka KS 66612 [regarding whom to write for a pardon]
  4. [Left blank by Shelley and I don’t recall the question.]
  5. Angi Keitel, 6512 S.E. Division #12, Portland, OR 97206 [her daughter and prison address,  who was to be sentenced on January 9 and expected to get 6-7 years for        similar, but fewer actions against abortuaries]

It has been extremely weird here lately, but I guess that’s normal.

I work in the dog kennels now, and really hate it.  I did get a good dog to work with for seven weeks.

We had some parties at Christmas, so it wasn’t too bad. We made it clear till Friday before several fights broke out.

We’re having some nice weather lately.  One good thing about the kennel job is that I get to go outside a lot.

Hope you all had a good Christmas.



Can we celebrate this living saint yet?

Or shall we wait until she is long dead before we wake up and plead for justice for her along with the daily butchering of babies?  Her imprisonment is yet another witness to the facts already available to us – the quite public practice of infanticide performed in the light of day under the cover of law.  Right in front of our ever-sleeping eyes.

“Scram” said the judge.

23 down for Shelley, and yet, hard to fathom, the holocaust has been going on for 43 years.  No judgment upon this land would surprise me. And yet His mercy, His forbearance is manifest beyond amazement.  May we repent and taste his forgiveness before the Day of Wrath.

Press on, faithful sister.

Read a rough summary of Shelley’s life here: http://www.armyofgod.com/ShelleyShannonTillersUnheadedWarning1.pdf

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