Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Michael Bray
30 August, 2016

It is long past time to clarify and clean out the party. Determine what you believe, bottom line, and then reject candidates which violate the code.  Take for a bottom line a candidate who holds to the Ten Commandments.  We haven’t seen that standard since, well, maybe Charlemagne.  But it isn’t too late to start, one may hope.

In fact, it’s downright close to too late. Our condition seems nigh on irreversible.  We have Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine presenting himself to us as Christian.  Yea, even a Roman Catholic Christian who is “personally opposed to abortion.” (Hurrah!)

“Well,” we might imagine St. Paul saying, “I’m  personally opposed to worshipping and serving Venus or Aphrodites or Diana or Ceres, etc.,  but hey, the Emperor is really into it, so enjoy!  We are all about tolerance and love!”

Yes, that is today’s rule. “Acceptance,”  “Open-mindedness,” “Diversity.”   But oh those non-conformist Christians!  Those narrow-minded, intolerant ones who say that there is only one God and that he happens to be the one they follow!”

Huh! The audacity!

We modern Americans have a thing for “separation” of Church (read: God) from the state so that we unwittingly cut the foundation for real law and morality out of our political (the real day-to-day) world. We have embraced this modern myth which segregates the moral law (a necessity for a just society) from our social and political world!  It is downright suicidal as well as insane.

So Mr. Kaine has been a faithful member of St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church in Richmond, Virginia for 30 years (http://www.lifenews.com/2016/08/29/catholics-protest-outside-tim-kaines-church-you-cant-be-catholic-and-pro-abortion/ ).  His pastor, Rev. Jim Arsenault, told NPR that Kaine is “personally pro-life” as if that means something to anyone other that to the gnostic heretics – those folks who are all about the mental world and don’t much care about what goes on in the very real and political world of flesh and blood.

One protestor outside Arsenault’s church, where the arsenic of false teaching is manifestly potent, carried sign which declared Kaine to be a CINO (Catholic in name only).  How fitting.  And how quite in need of a good caning he is!  (Oh!  I couldn’t help myself.)

A sign of revival in the land will be the day that churches excommunicate their CINOs whether they be Catholic or run-o’-the-mill (Protestant) Christians.




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