Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

On the Resistance to the Advancement of Sodomy (Kentucky)

Michael Bray
8  September 2015

Since we have embarrassed God –  no, slighted Him –  no, offended Him  by our selfish stupidity, observable among all the peoples – we have a big problem. We have tolerated rather than prosecuted the practice of sexual perversion.  Now, we who have refused to oppose evil will ourselves be opposed by those who take up the reins of power and rule without Law.  We will be given over, even as God’s Word tells us, to the rule of Lawless “Jews,” “Christians” and Modernist Pagans.  And those who oppose Lawlessness will be oppressed by the neo-pervert rulers.

To the point.  The churches of God have been publicly silent in the face of the Lawlessness which has been advancing rapidly over the past half century. Yes, one may well trace the genesis of American Lawlessness back to the 18th century national foundations when the Constitution made no mention of God or his laws.  This after a grand beginning with some states, like Maryland, a predominantly Roman Catholic colony which afforded toleration to Protestants in the Act Concerning Religion in 1649.  (There was no thought of toleration for atheists, Muslims, queers, etc.  “If any of such was your ‘religion,’ keep it in your quiet heart and, Lord Willing, you will come to know the Truth and His grace in the Savior.”)   The many varieties of (Protestant) Christians could find common ground with fellow Roman Catholics and Jews in the Law.  They could together overlook ecclesiological differences, affirm together their common morality per Law and live as a people with fundamental matters of law in common.  But in the past half century we have witnessed the flagrant discard of even the pretense of acknowledgment of divine law in the civil arena:  1) the First Commandment requiring acknowledgement of Him by the citizenry was abolished as per SCOTUS decrees 2) the law against murder was abolished (murderers are free to kill babies with impunity) thanks again to SCOTUS, 3) the law forbidding theft is violated as a matter of course by a taxing government which requires more than the Deity’s tithe, 4) and now the law against sodomy has likewise been swept away by the same bench of Lawless tyrants.

If there is indeed Truth, then the contradiction of the same is known as Falsity.  Nations rule with one or the other.  They build  with Truth as the foundation for their laws or with Falsity.   The former can be hard on Truth haters;  The latter is hard on Truth lovers.   What we as communities, nations, and empires do with the Law affects the way we live among one another and the way God treats us as a nation, a state, a community.  He judges nations in history, not just souls at the end of time.

The churches of God in their current state of absence from the political arena cannot avoid the coming consequences of that dereliction. There will be people related to members of their churches who will “marry” another member of the same sex.  This perversity will assert itself forcefully to the point that there will be division fostered by those who want to “love” and “accept” the poor sinner who is also in “need of God’s grace.”

“How can we pass judgment?” will be the tiresome refrain.  “Who are we to judge?”  (You are people with the very Law of God!  Exactly what the asinine judges of this world refuse to honor and obey!)

Those whose flagrant deeds of perversion, which would normally call for confrontation, investigation and scorn, are ignored  as if nothing were wrong.  Nothing to be repented of and nothing to be forgiven.

“It was only weakness or immaturity or a genetically driven deviancy from the norm,” comes the popular reply.

Pardon us. That was the excuse of the last generation. Not even that excuse will satisfy the current polemic for perversion in ever-more-contorted modern times;  it is now a total matter of sovereign choice.  Indeed, it is rooted in  one’s very “identity.”  It underlies choice. People now sovereignly “identify as” one sex regardless of the particular corporeal parts they possess.  Regardless of things like reality or law.  Total Godless sovereignty of the individual in due according to  whatever the State with its evolving citizenry allows.

Indeed, such a departure from fundamental principles of law and discipline will shake the churches of God as anti-Christ voices grow louder.  The false voices for “grace” and “love” urging the churches of God to tolerate sin and withhold Biblical judgment and to refrain from “throwing the first stone” will prevail.  And such “churches” will fail in their duty to be the salt and the light of the world.

How do we expect a clerk in a Kentucky court to stand for  the Law of the land when the churches of God do not stand for it?  Let the churches of God arise from their slumber.  Let those bound by their contract with the government (their 501.c.3 federal, no-talk-politics, tax-exempt covenant with the United States) speak up without inhibition.

We already have had such a blasphemous “marriage” of two women, one to another, here in Clinton County, Ohio.  I know of it not from inquiry but because I met the son, a pleasant fellow, in jail during my regular time of visitation of inmates.  I have not investigated the matter to discover the number of such “nuptials” which may have been performed in our town.  But I am heartily disappointed in the dearth of voices on the subject sounded by the churches of God.   They each have their pastors, their councils, their boards of elders.  They have the means and platform to issue public statements to the civil authorities and to the public at large making their voice of influence heard.   But they have chosen to keep their tails tucked between their legs and maintain silence.

The good news is that not only has the Almighty given Law, but He has sent His Spirit into the world.  And His spirit revives and mobilizes His people according to His sovereign will.   Come, Lord Jesus.

I know a song taken from the words of that great Psalm of the Law, no. 119 (vv. 97f.)

O how I love Your Law, My meditation
I have more insight than all my teachers
I understand more than the aged
Because I observed Your precepts
And restrained my feet from evil
Therefore I hate every false way.

And I do.


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