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LifeSiteNews – A Letter from Terry Hughes

24 July, 2015

 Dear LifeSiteNews:

 In its recent Obamacare and homosexual “marriage” rulings, which promote abortion and sodomy, both of which prevent the next generation of Americans from being born, the Injustices on the Supreme Court have enshrined Darwinism as the State Religion of The United States of America, thereby violating the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution they swore to defend. These rulings make it a Criminal Court above the God-given unalienable rights listed in the U.S. Declaration of Independence. The U.S. Constitution was written to enshrine into the governing Laws of America the mechanisms by which those rights will be protected. The Supreme Court Injustices stripped away those unalienable rights, and made their own murderous will the law of the land. 

Darwinism is a religion with only one Commandment: Survival of the Fittest. That justifies killing anyone who gets in the way of those who have power to kill, beginning with unborn babies but now being extended by Obamacare to handicapped and elderly people using Death Panels to kill citizens merely because they become a burden to the rest of us. Darwinism is a Religion of Death. It provides the excuse for persecuting Christians who profess Christianity, the Religion of Life, because it denies the existence of God and makes gods of those who have the power to kill whoever gets in their way.  This persecution has already begun by subjecting small business men and women to draconian fines for merely practicing their Christian Faith by abstaining from participating in Homosexual “marriages” and even forcing Catholic nuns to pay for abortions, beginning with the Little Sisters Of The Poor who serve elderly people awaiting death in hospice care. 

 The U.S. Government has become The Enemy Of The People. It is now engaged in killing on a massive scale, 60 million of the next generation murdered by abortion, with funding provided by the U.S. Congress. Federal Courts now routinely  override votes in public referenda to defend the Sanctity Of Marriage by elevating homosexual sodomy the the status of conjugal marriage, now mandated nationwide by the U.S. Supreme Court. Congress is the murderer of Black Americans by lavishly funding Planned Parenthood, knowing PP locates 79 percent of its Abortion Auschwitzes in Black neighborhoods. Wasn’t slavery bad enough?

We need another Revolutionary War, or at least another Civil War, so those of us who still hold to the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution can live in peace, free from Federal and Judicial tyranny. It should be a guerilla war that neutralizes the military power of the Federal Government. Politics has failed, now that God has been banished from the public square, just as George Washington foretold in his Farewell Address to the nation. Only Darwinian survival of the fittest remains. 

Time is running out,

Terence J. Hughes, Ph.D.

Fort Pierre, South Dakota

PS to members of the South Dakota Congressional Delegation getting a copy of this: Is there still time to save America without descending into a guerilla war that pits Charles Darwin against Jesus Christ? We know who wins that war. It ain’t Darwin.



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