Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Give Us Russo America

Michael Bray
21 Sept., 2013

I remember well that time when my dad, as a naval officer, went off to Viet Nam in the 60s.  Thankfully, he was away from the dreadful ground fighting carried out by American foot soldiers.  When I went to the U.S. Naval Academy (for just a year) in 1970 as a plebe, my father was transferred.  He moved the family to Stuttgart, Germany where he was stationed at EUCOM (European Command, the headquarters of the U.S. military in Europe).   It was a great opportunity for me.  Before re-joining my family in Germany and resuming college enrollment and responsible training for a livelihood, I wanted to travel.

Although driven by the traveling Zeitgeist of the time and surrounded by hippies everywhere as I hitchhiked around the country, I remained a respectful fan of our warriors in Viet Nam as well as our Cold War cat-and-mouse military strategy in Europe; I had little sympathy for  those self-indulgent protesters who whined against the war so they could fulfill the great promises of the sex revolution and dreamy dope  smoking.   I visited the Berlin Wall and travelled with some German associates (from the Breuninger Kaufhaus, a large department store in Stuttgart where I worked) to East Europe and saw the difference between the freedom of the dominantly Christian West and the formerly-Christian East Europe. America was keeping the United Sates safe from the spread of Godless Communism and the threat it posed to the world.   The (philosophical) materialism undergirding Communism was, indeed, a Godless, Lawless, oppressive, and murderous idology where the state had taken the place of God as the final authority.  Totalitarianism.

I would, in time, have my sentiments reinforced by the likes of  Whitaker Chambers (Witness, where he warns of the subversion of our system by Communist infiltrators).   Solzenitsyn had forcefully written of the USSR’s “gulags” – those prisons into which millions had been locked away.  And Paul Johnson starkly noted in Modern Times that our twentieth century landscape, driven by totalitarian, Godless, ideologies and draped with genocides around the world, produced more mass killings than all of previous history. James Burnham (Suicide of the West) along with his editor at National Review, William Buckley, and especially Joe Sobran were ideologues whose writings helped shaped my political philosophy.

Those “Godless Communists!” was a responsive cant I regularly sang.   Indeed, they were!  And, thanks be to God, they failed.  The great Ronald Reagan called them out and faced them down.  The system, which had made slaves of its own citizens went broke.   It was a moral failure from the beginning.  The Communist state rejected God and offered itself in His place as the final legal authority; there was no God and no Law from God.  There were no restraints on the sovereign, totalitarian State.  Indeed, the State had replaced God in the public and political arena.  The Russian Orthodox Church was consigned to the arena of irrelevant “religion,” and in its place was enthroned the atheistic wisdom of a ”dialectical-materialist” philosophy which  would guide the Kremlin.

Now, less than a generation later, we find ourselves looking into the mirror seeing something worse than that formerly Godless enemy.  Even while Russia is returning from the stupor it suffered under the Communist delusion, we Americans have taken up the foolishness which tampered with and discarded.  In particular, this Godlessness is evident in our changes is sexual behavior.  We have moved pell-mell  from the ingressive sexual libertine doctrine of free love of the sixties to the principle of Lawless Sex.   We have cast off the restraints of sex within the boundaries of marriage (between, of course, a man and a woman, only), and descended to the ideal of sex without limits.  Lawless, our world has no legal or moral grounds to outlaw any kind of sex:  Period.  Incest, pedophilia, bestophilia.  Think it, do it, and be not denied.

Today’s news features a rebuke from the Christian President of Russian.  Oxymoronic a generation ago, this Christian President of Russia ridicules anti-Christ America with its Godless sexual libertinism, indeed its “sodomania.”  Writing in the Washington Times, (“Putin backs Berlusconi with anti-gay gibe,” September 20, 2013), Shaun Waterman reports on Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s tryst with an under-aged prostitute and all the hoopla his actions brought from his critics.  Putin noted “Berlusconi is being tried for living with women, but if he’d been living with men, as a homosexual, no one would have dared lay a finger on him”:

Russian politicians, including Mr. Putin, have come under fire from gay rights advocates after the recent passage of a law that Moscow says is designed to combat pro-gay propaganda and protect children. Critics see the law as an effort to restrict gay rights and a legal endorsement of a climate of fear over gays in Russia.

Mr. Putin’s remarks Thursday followed a formal opening address in which he lauded Russian values centered on traditionalism . . . In his speech, he excoriated the West for turning away from Christian values to embrace globalization, multiculturalism and a politically correct focus on the rights of sexual minorities and “one-gender families.”

Mr. Putin said the West is headed “into degradation and a deepening moral crisis.”

How the mighty fall!  And how crucial to the moral and political health of a society is the embracement of God’s Law as the foundation of the political order.   And what irony that those whom we charged as “Godless” have now taken our place and we theirs within a generation!

May His judgment be swift that we may be restored and re-educated.  His Law is good for the person and good for the government.

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