Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Religion in America: Where it was, is now, and is headed.

Terence J. Hughes
Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences and Climate Change
University of Maine
August 2013

Religion in America has two streams, originally far apart but now converging. The oldest stream originated in Latin America and watered the American Southwest from Texas to California in the 16th century, with outliers in Florida and Louisiana. It’s the Catholic stream. The strongest stream originated primarily in Britain and Ireland. It watered the Atlantic seaboard in the 17th century and spread across the continent in the 18th and 19th centuries. It’s the Protestant stream. Both streams were reinforced in the 19th and 20th centuries by immigrants, primarily from Europe initially and then mainly from Latin America that continues today.

The United States was shaped by the Protestant stream, primarily by our Founding Fathers, a truly remarkable group of men forged by the bloody struggle to unite Church and State in England and inspired by English Common Law. That legacy survives to this very day. In Virginia and the South generally, the Episcopal Anglican tradition was more benign toward other Christians. This was not the case in England itself. New England was settled by English Puritans in the Congregational Calvinist tradition who, like Catholics, were persecuted by the State-run Anglican Church and sought religious freedom. Once established here, Puritans also became intolerant. Unitarianism became a Deistic alternative that minimized doctrinal conformity. The Mid-Atlantic colonies, notably New York and Pennsylvania, were more diverse ethnically, with a large German population belonging to the Lutheran tradition in Pennsylvania. Along the Appalachian frontier, from Maine to Georgia, America was settled primarily by Presbyterians from Ireland, mostly from Ulster. The Presbyterian Calvinist tradition was introduced by settlers from Scotland in 1609. The Presbyterian Church required an educated clergy, but the American frontier was too vast and remote to maintain that standard, so religious needs were met by less educated “circuit rider” preachers as the frontier moved westward. These preachers were mainly Methodists in the Ohio Valley and Baptists further south. The Lutheran tradition was reinforced in the second half of the 19th century by immigrants from Germany and Scandinavia who settled primarily in the Upper Midwest.

The Catholic tradition in Protestant America began in Maryland, but didn’t become strong until the 1846-1851 potato famine in Ireland sent millions of Irish Catholics to Atlantic coastal cities and other large cities across America. These Irish immigrants shaped the Catholic Church in America. Unlike other Catholic immigrants, they spoke English (and Gaelic), they arrived early in large numbers, and they understood English Common Law. With these three advantages, they overcame prejudice (e.g., “No Irish need apply” and “No Catholics need apply” signs in shops and factories) by taking over the Democrat Party, first in New York and New England. The native Yankees were mostly Whigs, a party on its way to extinction, replaced by the emerging Republican Party under Abraham Lincoln. The takeover was possible because Irish families were large. Boys would become priests, politicians, policemen, and firemen. Girls would become nuns, nurses, teachers, and maids. Irish politicians cleared the way to founding Catholic hospitals and schools run by priests and nuns who made sure Catholic voters kept the politicians in power so public service jobs (policemen, firemen, teachers, etc.) remained in Irish hands. This way of overcoming anti-Catholic bigotry created a strong bond between the Catholic Church and the Democrat Party, and a belief that government provided upward mobility, that persists to this day. But it is weakening because the Democrat Party was taken over again, this time in the second half of the 20th century, and not by force of numbers but by a new ideology. Darwinism. The Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party (RINOS, Republicans In Name Only, “elitists” who are few in number but have money) has also been seduced by Darwinism.

As defined here, Darwinism asserts we came from worms and will be eaten by worms. Period. End of story. Among the self-styled “elites” who control the Democrat Party, education, the media, and much of business and entertainment, Darwinism has made deep inroads into Mainline Christian denominations (Episcopalians, Congregationalists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, etc.) in the Reformation tradition, and has weakened the Catholic Church in America. Darwinism is resisted by Biblical Christians (Pentecostal and Fundamentalist Christians, notably Baptists, and Traditional Roman Catholics). Christians influenced by Darwinism try to meld it with Biblical Christianity by postulating a form of “evolution” that is not mindless but is directed by “intelligent design” because random genetic mutations cannot produce new species over time. Neither view can be “falsified” by scientific investigation, given our current understanding of genetics, so both remain in the domain of religion, not science. But Darwinian “elites” control education and the U.S. Supreme Court, so the Darwinian religion is taught as science in public schools. Christianity cannot be taught so Darwinism, with no rival allowed, is becoming the “elitist” dogma that shapes America today.

Darwinism makes no distinction between right and wrong. “Survival of the fittest” is its reigning dogma. Hence, the U.S. Supreme Court “constitutionalized” murdering the entire next generation of Americans, every person, in Roe v. Wade, denying they are “persons” just as it did with Black people in Dred Scott v. Sandford over a century earlier. These Justices who don’t know right from wrong are sociopaths. Think about that. The court of last resort in America is in the hands of sociopaths. Six of the nine are Catholics. Two of the six always vote with the other three, who are secularized Jews, to keep the killing going (Do Kennedy and Roberts “draw straws” to see which one will be the Judas?). There are no Protestants, the people who founded America and enacted the Constitution they have sworn to defend. The goal of abortion is to eliminate the “unfit” which means killing Black babies. Legalizing abortion is racist.

How did this happen? Pride. Willful pride. How so? Darwinism insists the human mind is an evolutionary product of the animal brain. “Mind” results only from electro-chemical processes in the brain. There is no human “soul” apart from the human brain. This denies the fundamental revelation of Jesus Christ: God is a pure spirit consisting of three Divine Persons who are one, and we are created in His image and likeness. These Persons each have three purely spiritual attributes: intellect, will, and empathy. Intellect resides primarily in the Father, who instructs His Son out of love. Will resides primarily in the Son, who obeys His Father out of love. This perfect exchange of love Personifies empathy as the Holy Spirit. God is Love. And because God is Love, God is One. God created angels and men, giving us intellect, will, and empathy too. Angelic and human happiness depends on preserving the Divine order. Will must be obedient to intellect if love is to prevail. Among both angels and men, will overcame intellect so empathy descended toward hate. Why? Because will unguided by intellect cannot distinguish between right and wrong. It produces a sociopathic personality. This personality is dominant among America’s Darwinian “elites”. It is permanent among fallen angels because they exist outside of time. Men exist in time so redemption is possible. Redemption came to us as the Word of God incarnate in Jesus Christ. He taught us that pride is overcome by humility. Humility is a primary attribute of God. It comes from subordinating the will to the intellect, just as Jesus subordinated His will to the intellect of His Father out of love for His Father and for us.

Jesus demonstrated the humility of God by being born in a cave used as a stable, with a feeding trough for His crib, and then by living humbly and dying between thieves on the cross, naked, with all but a few onlookers mocking and reviling Him. He had been brutally scourged, so His bleeding body was covered with flies, feeding on His torn flesh, defecating and copulating. He could not shoo them away because His hands were immobilized by nails. Another name for Satan, leader of the fallen angels, is Beelzebub: “Lord Of The Flies”. The humility of Jesus Christ allowed Satan to inflict this unspeakable torment on His naked body. Triumphant rebellious pride was overcome by triumphant obedient humility. “By His holy cross He has redeemed the world!” Our destiny is union with God Almighty, Creator of the Universe, for eternity. Because God loves us so much He paid this price for our salvation. When our will runs rampant, it is impossible for us to understand how Almighty God can be supremely humble. We wouldn’t be humble if we had that power!

What has Darwinism to offer that displaces this sublime understanding of human origins and destiny? Let’s look where Darwinism has taken us. Since we are ultimately only worm food, what place is there for intellect and empathy, the wellsprings for ethics, and love? None. Will prevails: Triumph des Willens in Leni Riefenstahl’s propaganda film for Adolf Hitler. Without obedience to an Almighty God, “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” becomes the prevailing ethos. Why devote the time, energy, and money needed to bear and raise children, who are only worm food like us? Children are a burden, not a blessing. How do we avoid the “curse” of children? By engaging in contraception, abortion, sterilization, and sodomy. Then we can have la dolce vita, the good life. That is what Darwinism promises. It is pounded into our heads by the “elite” educational establishment when we are children ourselves, from Kindergarten through graduate school, backed up by the media, the courts, and liberal/progressive politicians in both political parties. Not mentioned is the fact this is a recipe for extinction. Children are the only future mankind has. We exterminate our own species just so we can pursue pleasure in a mere 30 or 40 years of “productive” life. Happiness is never delivered but its allure trumps an eternity of real happiness with our Creator. Only an “elitist” will prefer this Faustian bargain. “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven!” Pride. Willful pride.

Racism is imbedded in Darwinism. The full title, never uttered today, of Darwin’s magnum opus is, The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. The “favoured race” is the White Race (Englishmen). This view found its way into the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1902 edition, published at the zenith of British imperialism. Under the heading Negro you will find fourteen “proofs” that Black people are inferior. Example: “(3) weight of brain, as indicating cranial capacity, 35 ounces (highest gorilla 20, average European 45).” In the Biblical view human intelligence resides in the human soul, individually created by God. Cranial capacity has nothing to do with it.

Since White people are no longer replacing themselves with children, Darwinian “Survival of the Fittest” ideology demands that White elites (“the Fittest”) use all their powers to limit growth of non-White populations. This is done by the American Government through USAID and by the United Nations (run by White “elites”) through UNICEF and UNESCO. The common goal is to prevent non-White babies from being born by imposing contraceptive drugs and devices, chemical and surgical abortions, and surgical sterilizations on women in non-White countries, all attacking the natural fertility of women. It’s a Crime Against Humanity and totally racist. “Scientific” cover is provided by scare tactics such as Paul Ehrlich’s “Population Bomb” in the 1960s and “man-caused catastrophic global warming” from CO2 today. Never mind CO2 is “oxygen” for plants, so agriculture would flourish worldwide. Warming would thaw permafrost, opening Arctic lands, one-seventh of Earth’s land area, to agriculture (two harvests per year with 18 to 24 hours of daily summer sunshine), mining, petroleum and natural gas production, population expansion, manufacturing, and commerce. Warming would cut shipping times to the Orient in half by melting Arctic sea ice. Rising sea level from melting land ice would have benefits, notably causing a construction boom in coastal cities as aging harbor facilities were replaced farther inland.

How does Barack Obama fit into this picture? Recall the “Negro Project” hatched by Margaret Sanger, racist founder of Planned Parenthood, in her letter to her rich racist patron, Clarence Gamble of the Proctor and Gamble fortune:  “The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” What trumps a “Negro” minister? A “Negro” President of the United States who got his “religion” from pro-abortion minister Jeremiah “God Damn America!” Wright. This is why Darwinist “elites” in the media, academia, and government are so committed to polishing Obama’s image no matter what scandals and crimes are traced to Obama. He gives “legitimacy” to their genocidal desire to “exterminate” Black people because he’s on board. Obama knows Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Auschwitzes are concentrated in Black (and now Hispanic) neighborhoods, making sure three Black babies are aborted for every White baby. Obama ordered Hillary Clinton to push for a new constitution that legalized abortion in his father’s native country, Kenya, as the opening wedge to aborting Black babies all over Black Africa, financed by American taxpayers. Obama is the Darwinists’ ideal “useful idiot” Karl Marx said was needed to advance his socialist/communist revolution. The smokescreen White “elites” use to conceal this goal is to brand as “racists” anyone who exposes it, and these Darwinist “elites” control the media. Obama himself plays this “race card” at every opportunity.

So where does this leave us? The struggle of our time is not between competing Christian traditions. It is between Christianity and Godless atheism “legitimized” by tying it to a Darwinian religion masquerading as science. But Darwinian science is bogus.

Doctrinal statements in most large Mainline Protestant denominations show leadership has all but abandoned Biblical Christianity (many in the pews have not), adopting the Darwinian embrace of contraception, abortion, sterilization, and sodomy. The Fundamentalist and Pentecostal traditions in Protestantism still adhere to Biblical Christianity, even in leadership. Half of Catholics in America have left the Church to join these Biblical Christians or the Darwinists. Half of those who remain doubt the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. This sacramental belief is so central to Catholicism, when Catholics lose it many not only stop being Catholics, they stop being Christians. Their numbers include bishops, priests, nuns, and lay Catholics who run most diocesan chancery offices in America and who control Catholic education from primary schools through universities. Their political allegiance is to the Democrat Party, which has also abandoned Biblical Christianity. Abortion and Sodomy are their two “sacraments”, both condemned in the Bible because no children are born. God’s gifts counting as sacraments among Protestant Biblical Christians are baptism, on impressive display in the large Southern Baptist Convention, and “speaking in tongues” that inspires evangelization among Pentecostal Christians.

Catholics made Obama President of the United States. Twice. Even after his anti-Catholic political agenda was fully exposed, most still supported him, at the ballot box and in Congress. They abort their children at a greater rate than Americans as a whole. In Congress they lead efforts to increase the number of abortions in America and the world. How can they possibly believe in the Real Presence? Their will has overcome their intellect. They no longer know right from wrong. They aren’t Christians. “By their fruits you will know them.”

Apostasy within the Catholic Church has happened repeatedly, most notably leading to the Protestant Reformation. In these cases, revolt began because the Church became too worldly and too tied to corrupt States. The Church reformed itself, painfully, but never recovered those who left in the meantime. Most new Christian denominations repeated this history of alliance with the State, followed by fragmentation. Within and without the Catholic Church, leaders in the rebellion were typically men whose will overcame their intellect. It led to religious wars within Christendom, and then nationalist wars when Biblical Christianity was abandoned by European governments, notably in World Wars I and II, both genocidal wars stoked by national pride. Apostate Catholics in America are being replaced by Hispanic Catholics, many of whom have joined evangelical Protestant denominations. So the two streams, one from Latin America and one from Europe, at the beginning of American history are now merging into a single stream having Biblical Christianity as its strongest current. The Darwinists have no such reinforcements. They weren’t allowed to be born. So the Darwinists must seduce the children of Biblical Christians using their control of public education from elementary education through university education to preach Darwinism, and using the Courts to suppress the alternative Christian view.

With this history, we can expect more of the same here in America. This time, half of Catholics and most Mainline Protestants will have defected to the Darwinian view. Authentic Christianity will be retained by Catholics loyal to Rome and by Protestants loyal to the Bible. Ultimately, loyalty to Rome means loyalty to the Bible. Rome produced the Christian Bible. So the battle lines will be loyalty to God and His Word on one side and loyalty to a morally bankrupt, openly murderous, inherently racist, and intellectually dishonest Darwinian ideology on the other side. God will win. He always does. We are His Creation. He paid an infinite price to claim us. Darwin gave humanity only division, destruction, and despair.

Social Darwinists deny they can’t distinguish between right and wrong, deny their empathy slides toward contempt for those “lesser breeds” in the human family (Black people). They insist they care for Black people more than Christians do, but their idea of “care” is to keep Black people on Government “slave plantations” where their dignity is stripped away and they survive on Government handouts that stifle their native ability to compete in the larger society. Stable Black families are kept by law from forming by forbidding fathers of Black children from living with them and their mothers, so these children grow up in gangs that replace the Biblical family and are bound together by drugs and crime. This is not love. It’s hatred driven by fear. In large cities like Chicago, White “elites” occupy the “downtown” centers of commerce and the arts where their wealth is concentrated (the “Chicago Loop”). A “skid row” of derelicts lies just beyond, and beyond that are the Black ghettos of crumbling public housing, single households, drug lords, juvenile prostitutes, and teenage gangs.

White “elites” know their centers of “downtown” wealth and power are surrounded and potentially held hostage by this servile Black population deprived of hope and upward mobility. Barack Obama entered Chicago ghettoes as a “community organizer” courted and coddled with money and promises designed to wean him away from his own people by stoking his pride and promising him a future that frees him but keeps them in thralldom. These tactics keep Black leadership from uniting Black people and taking over the inner cities by urban guerrilla warfare and sheer force of numbers, as Irish immigrants once did in New York City during the Civil War draft riots. Before Obama it was Jesse Jackson, for whom abortion was “Black genocide” until the Democrat machine wooed him away with ransom money and promises of a nomination to the U.S. Presidency if he endorsed the slaughter of his own people. Today young Black males in Chicago and other urban cities have two futures, a coffin (shot to death) or prison bars (the shooters) in gang warfare driven by robbery, drugs, gambling, and prostitution. Obama is President, prancing as Drum Major for the Culture of Death.

White “elites” see this suppression of Black people as supremely “right” because it saves civilization from the savages who have not produced any kind of civilization in their African continent and can’t compete in America. There is little difference between this attitude and that of circus “lion tamers” who keep the wild animals in their cages and train them to jump through hoops, lap their faces, and cower before their whips in exchange for scraps of raw meat. White “elites” cannot admit this, even to themselves, but their actions expose them. They delude themselves, believing this suppression is benign and charitable. They think imposing these curses demonstrates their love. Two millennia of Christian civilization have slowly lifted mankind from degradation by preaching love of God and neighbor. Elitists tell us their sense of right and wrong comes from Darwin, not Christ, pointing to Christianity’s failures. Yet they can point to nothing altruistic or benign in Darwinist dogma. They can only point to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and their atheistic forebears. Not one saintly man or woman. Not one. But are these “elitists” really atheists? Or do they hate God and mankind, having gained the whole world but lost their immortal souls? Is Darwin just “intellectual cover” to hide their true identity and the “god” they really serve? The showdown between these two visions of humanity is building. America is the center ring of this mind-numbing ”circus” and humanity is watching.


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