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Author of A Time To Kill

Obama as Antichrist

(Editorial foreword: A little early in the century to make the call: “Barack Obama is the Antichrist of the 21st Century” inheriting the singular ignominy of Hitler as the 20th century arch-villain.  Could be that we shall yet see a worse scoundrel! Still have nine decades to go.  Confessedly, however, it is hard to imagine a greater advocate of child murder, but then, there is always forced abortion yet to be seen.  And a world unrestrained by the Law of God is wicked, indeed.)

Terence J. Hughes

23 June 2013

Like many pro-life activists, I have been hounded by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). When I retired from the University of Maine in 2010, I gave the University my science library compiled over a half-century and my creep machine I designed to deform specimens of glacier ice, assigning a value of $5000 to each gift so no appraisal was needed. I also returned a parting gift of $5925 to the University, based on research money I had brought to the University over 36 years, with the provision it be used to support students. I gave copies of the 2010 version of my ICE MAN autobiography to 35 institutions engaged in glaciological research. And I claimed my son Mac as a dependent, since he lived in my Orono house and drove my car, with me paying all expenses easily totaling over half of Mac’s support. IRS informed Bev and me we would get a refund of over $3000. But in three subsequent audits, all of these deductions were rejected, with each audit upping the amount we owed IRS, so it totaled over $10,000 with penalties and interest. Most of these rejections were illegal. For example, IRS lumped the two $5000 gifts into one $10,000 gift and then rejected it because I provided no appraisal. IRS auditors ignored my numerous phone calls and letters asking for an explanation, so I took IRS to Tax Court, with a hearing on 29 October 2013. We weren’t alone. Obama’s White House was using IRS to impede, harass, and audit pro-life, Christian, and political activists Obama saw as enemies to be destroyed, enemies he constantly smeared with the Big Lie in his perpetual political speeches.

When the old Soviet Union broke apart in 1979, the thought came to me America could as well. The United States has natural historical, geographical, cultural, and economic “faultlines” that also exist in Canada. I drew a map of North America showing possible new countries. This viewpoint shaped my assessment of Barack Obama. I thought his basic cultural loyalty was to Islam and his basic political ideology was fascism of the Adolf Hitler variety. I suspected he wanted to destroy America and replace it with a One World Government derived from the United Nations but united by a One World Religion founded by him as its Messiah. The Arab Caliphates had a state religion, as did Pagan Rome and Nazi Germany with their God-Emperors. Only a megalomaniac could aspire to such a place in history, and I thought Obama fit the bill. We don’t realize how close Hitler came to attaining that goal. Had the Luftwaffe won the Battle of Britain, the British Navy, which sustained the British Empire, would have been replaced by Nazi air power. If Hitler had invaded Russia when he planned, the Russian Winter wouldn’t have immobilized his army. Then the French, British, Dutch, and Soviet empires would have fallen into Nazi hands. That’s very close to world conquest.

Early in his second term, Obama’s administration was rocked with scandals that began in his first term but were concealed from voters by a lapdog pro-abortion pro-sodomy media. These included (1) gun-running to Mexican drug lords so they could effectively take over Mexico and flood America with refugees, among whom Islamic terrorists could be concealed, (2) overthrowing rulers who protected Christians in the Islamic world and replacing them with Islamic zealots dedicated to eliminating Christian minorities dating from Apostolic times, (3) banning any Christian witness in the American military, (4) exposing his own diplomats and their protectors to murder by Islamic terrorists, and then concealing his indifference merely to attain re-election, (5) replacing the two-party system in America with a one-party Democrat dictatorship run by him, (6) expanding his Enemies’ List by using the Patriot Act to extend Federal spying into every American household, (7) using the IRS to beat those “enemies” into submission, (8) using his “Injustice” Department to target and prosecute the few media reporters who weren’t his lapdogs and were exposing his scandals, (9) using drone aircraft to kill enemies overseas and intimidate domestic opponents, (10) completing Nazification of his Democrat Party dedicated to Godless “survival of the fittest” Darwinian ideology, (11) crippling the American economy with regulations and taxes that stifled economic growth, (12) indulging himself, his family, and Federal bureaucrats in extravagantly expensive “vacations”  funded by taxpayers.

All of these “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” for which a President of the United States can be impeached led me to ponder the human condition. A big help in that effort was reading The Mystical City of God in four volumes published in English by TAN Books in 2006. It was written by Mary of Agreda under the title Ciudad de Dios in the years 1637-1645 and again in 1655-1665. She was the Mother in a convent of Franciscan nuns in Spain. It is an account of Salvation History as revealed by Mary, the Mother of God. It carries the Imprimatur of the Catholic Church and five Popes have recommended it as spiritual reading. Its circulation was opposed by enemies within the Church, notably French Jansenists. It has undergone many printings in many languages over five centuries to our own day. Because of it, the Church bestowed the title “Venerable” upon Mary of Agreda.

Of particular interest to me was Mary’s account of the fall of Lucifer and his angels, preferring to become Satan and demons in Hell to residing with God in Heaven. Although angels exist outside of time as we know it, Mary presents this account as occurring in three rapidly successive “tests” similar to God’s test of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden shortly after He created them. In both cases, the tests were meant to allow angels and men to demonstrate our love of Him. In the first test of angels’ love, God showed them the rest of His creation, including Heaven and Hell, revealed to them He created them to reside with Him in Heaven but He gave them free will so they could choose Hell instead, revealed He existed as One God in Three Divine Persons, and instructed His angels to acknowledge and worship Him. They all did, even Lucifer, but only with his intellect because he had no other explanation for his own existence. His will preferred putting him first. In the second test, God revealed that the Second Person of the Trinity, the Word of God, would become a man who would teach mankind how we too could aspire to spending eternity with God in Heaven by obeying His Word. Then God ordered His angels to worship the God-man Jesus Christ. Lucifer’s will revolted more fully with this, seeing mankind with bodies formed from the slime of the Earth as too degraded to be exalted in this way. Lucifer cunningly suggested to God that he, Lucifer, become man for this purpose because both angels and men were created and therefore subordinate to God. This appealed to many angels. In the third test, God revealed that the Second Person would not just appear as a man, He would be born of a woman like all other men. Then God ordered His angels to honor her as Queen of Angels above them in dignity and favor with God. With this, Lucifer’s revolt was complete and one-third of the angels joined his rebellion, willfully preferring eternity in Hell separated from God to being with this “inferior” woman in Heaven. Lucifer’s hatred of one woman is the reason for Satan’s temptation of Eve, thinking she was That Woman, using her to seduce Adam, resulting in Original Sin, the fall of mankind, and the consequent relegation of women to a subordinate position in human societies. Satan saw his victory as complete.

The Mystical City of God led me to a deeper contemplation of the Blessed Trinity, and of mankind being created in the “image and likeness” of God. I discovered how the greatest Catholic theologians came to understand this revelation. It began with the realization that humanity, having an immortal soul that animates an animal body, reflects the Trinity in both our spiritual and material essence. The three spiritual qualities we share with God are intellect, will, and empathy. Each Person of the Trinity fully shares all three qualities, but intellect is primarily identified with the Father who “begets” and instructs His Son out of love, will is associated with the Son who willingly obeys His Father out of love and thereby assists the Father in Creation, and this bond of love is so intense it becomes Personified as the Holy Spirit, which is empathy raised to infinite perfection. This spiritual holy trinity in the soul of each human being is expressed by our animal bodies as human love sanctified by marriage for life between a man and a woman, whose mutual love generates children. Since we live in time, many children can be born. In the human family, the husband has primary responsibility and instructs his wife out of love, she obeys him in the knowledge he loves her and shares everything with her, and children are the personification of their love for each other, just as the Holy Spirit is the Personification of love between the Father and Son. This is how God becomes One in the Holy Trinity and how a man and woman become one in Holy Wedlock. The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph is the perfect human expression of the Holy Family of God. Even though Jesus was the Word of God and Mary was the Mother of God, they both subordinated themselves to Joseph as head of the Holy Family. Joseph is known to us primarily by his total obedience to God. This reveals humility as one of the primary attributes of God. God used mankind to effect the salvation of mankind. Out of love for us. How sublime!

Sin corrupts angels and men when will overcomes the intellect. Knowledge of right and wrong are infused by God into our intellects, so when our will takes over we lose the ability to make that distinction. Then empathy descends to enmity, which in the extreme becomes hatred that embraces death and shuns life. God gave us the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament and the Nine Beatitudes in the New Testament to keep us from falling into that trap. This revelation provided a deeper insight into the truly Satanic nature of abortion and why Barack Obama is so determined to inflict it upon every woman on this planet.

Abortion appeals to Satan because it is such a complete degradation and humiliation of women at the very heart of their essence: their unique ability to transmit human life from one generation to the next and thereby over time fill the places in Heaven Satan and his demons could have occupied, but by their own will remain excluded forever by the hatred we know as Hellfire. Can you imagine a more Satanic attack on pregnant women than whispering to them their babies are parasites robbing them of freedom and the easy solution is being strapped to a table with their legs hoisted in slings while an abortionist shoves knives and tongs into their womb, slicing their baby into pieces with the knives, dragging the pieces out with the tongs, usually in filthy and unsanitary Abortion Auschwitzes, and then being dumped out into the street after they have paid in advance in cash for this atrocity that exposes them to breast cancer and a lifetime of anxiety and regret, while the abortionist dumps their butchered babies into sewers or profits again by selling baby parts to “research” laboratories, cosmetic manufacturers, and even upscale restaurants? All the while, men get a pass. And their three-second thrill with no consequences!

Barack Obama knows all this and grooves on it. Obama’s willful pride easily smothers his dormant intellect, left flabby and unexercised and therefore unable to transmit any sense of right and wrong. So there is no exchange of love between his submissive intellect and dominating will, and therefore no empathy. Enmity occupies this moral vacuum. His prideful will resents even timid virtuous promptings from his intellect. Distinguishing right from wrong is offensive to him. Enmity metastasizes into hatred, first hatred of his own weak intellect, then hatred of other human beings who try to penetrate his willful ignorance with the truth, and ultimately self-hatred because his self-love is barren and unsatisfied. He can’t stand being around his wife and daughters for any length of time. They impose demands on him. Abortion is his way of getting even. Every abortion he inflicts on other women and children is in his own mind aborting his wife and daughters. Why weren’t they sons? It isn’t fair! Like Satan, he hates women. Barack Obama is the Antichrist of the 21st Century. The similarities between him and Satan are stunning. And frightening. We elected to the highest office in the land a man who is a sociopath. He doesn’t know right from wrong, and he will destroy anyone who gets in his way, not stopping at mass-murder.

Although Josef Stalin gave him a run for his money, Adolf Hitler was the Antichrist of the 20th Century. Like Obama, he had a weak intellect totally dominated by a self-indulgent will, and he believed the Darwinian view of man’s origins and destiny. We came from worms and we will be eaten by worms. Period. With Hitler, the only thing that mattered was the “Aryan Race” and to maintain its dominance he had to destroy the “Jewish Race” which he thought was totally parasitic. That was his “religion” and he was the “Messiah” who would deliver “his” people from these vermin, writing, “Was there any form of filth or profligacy, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it? If you cut even cautiously into such an abscess, you found, like a maggot in a rotting body, often dazzled by the sudden light—a kike!” A sociopath not knowing right from wrong, Hitler tried to murder them all. In her 1935 propaganda film of the 1934 Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg, Triumph of the Will, Leni Riefenstahl captured for all time the megalomania that drove Adolf Hitler. It consumed him, converted his perverted “love” of the German people into hatred for them when they could no longer deliver victories for him on the battlefield. He ordered destruction of the whole infrastructure his people needed for survival because they didn’t “deserve” to live. Then he murdered himself.

Obama and Hitler developed the ability to mesmerize audiences with stirring rhetoric. Triumph of the Will demonstrates this in Hitler’s case. Obama’s mentor in this regard was Jeremiah “God Damn America!” Wright, his pastor for two decades. But Obama lacks the mental discipline to stay “on message” in his speeches, so he needs a teleprompter as a crutch. On those occasions when his teleprompter malfunctioned, Obama couldn’t even complete the sentence he had begun. His flabby intellect wasn’t up to the task.

Barack Obama’s self-love self-hate schizophrenia is reinforced by his half-white half-black schizophrenia. He knows he’s what was called a “yellow nigger” in the days of Jim Crow. He knows he’s a “house nigger” in the White Liberal-Progressive Establishment, no different from the “house niggers” who were slave servants in the plantation mansions of the Old South. He knows he owes his rapid rise to the top to the White Liberal-Progressive Establishment that runs academia, business, entertainment, government, and journalism. It was looking for a “black” man it could use and he filled the bill, from his “acceptable” tan complexion, his “white” facial features, his skinny unthreatening body, his ready smile, and most of all his willing promotion of its racist prejudices. He knows White Liberal Progressives accept the Darwinian racist view that “black” people, as a group, are inferior to “white” people. He know the full title of Darwin’s magnum opus is The Origin of Species by Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. He knows Darwin thought the “favoured” race was the White Man, especially the Englishman. He knows his white half has betrayed his black half. How could he help being schizophrenic?

If Obama’s weak intellect wasn’t in such thralldom to his prideful will, it would get through to him that both the Islamic instructions in his youth and the Christian teachings he received as an adult reveal that human beings are not merely the product of mindless biological evolution. What truly sets us apart from the beasts is our immortal souls created directly by God in God’s image and likeness. Obama’s intellect, will, and empathy reside in his soul, not in his brain. His brain is merely an organ that transmits these spiritual qualities to other human beings by way of his physical senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. This is how human beings communicate with one another and how we are able to study the rest of God’s Creation in which we live. This is why Black people are fully equal to White people. We all have immortal souls. Darwinian evolution has nothing to do with it. The ability of our brains to communicate knowledge originating in our souls is God’s doing, not a result of mindless biological mutations exposed to mindless natural environments over mindless millennia. Knowledge originating in the animal brain is what we call “instinct” for lack of a better word. We don’t know how it works. We do know it doesn’t generate self-knowledge.

Atheists can distinguish right from wrong because God has infused that knowledge into their souls, and most have been immersed in a Christian culture in which Divine Revelation reinforces what they already know. But atheists of the Darwinian variety living in terrorist Communist Police States that suppress the Word of God have no intellectual architecture for making that distinction. Self-serving power is the “god” worshipped by these regimes. My Christian Faith reinforces my ability to know right from wrong, but every sin I commit is a direct act of the will that trumps what my intellect tells me is wrong. It’s the human condition. It is a consequence of free will. It made possible the Original Sin of God’s angels, and of mankind. The difference is, the rebellious angels willed their own temptation and, not subject to time, they lacked the ability to reflect on their sin and repent. Adam and Eve had to be tempted from without, by Satan, and the wisdom gained over time gave them the opportunity to repent. Which they did. It also gave the Son of God the opportunity to restore their original state of grace by obeying His Word, and thereby opening Heaven to them and to us. He accomplished this on the cross, the greatest demonstration of the Humility of God.

I think Hitler’s atheism was superficial. At a deeper level, he shared Satan’s hatred of God. Only this can explain his hatred for God’s Chosen People. By killing them Hitler aspired to kill God. I’m not ready to make the same assessment of Barack Obama. That may be a bridge too far. So far. However, Obama’s obsession with killing as many babies as possible by abortion comes very close. Hitler murdered 6 million Jews. Here in America with Obama in charge, the number of babies murdered will exceed 60 million. Worldwide it exceeds 600 million. That’s what Obama wants. That’s what Satan wants because Satan hates God and mankind is God’s people. So what’s the difference?

This explains Obama’s fondness for Planned Parenthood and contempt for God with his blasphemous “God bless planned Parenthood!” battlecry. Planned Parenthood exists to murder the next generation of Americans, Black Americans in particular, now expanded to include Hispanic Americans, with full Federal funding and approval. Some 80 percent of its abortion Auschwitzes are in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. Even its name, Planned Parenthood, mimics in evil deception the Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Will Make You Free) sign above the entrance to Auschwitz.

Pondering the human condition since the Fall of Mankind, as I have described it here, has intensified my love for humanity in the face of the continual assault from Hell I have witnessed in my lifetime of 75 years and counting. We are creatures lower than the angels, even the fallen angels, and we have been under continual assault from these devils and demons since we were created, both individually and as a people. Yet we have persevered. Alone, we are easy prey, as those who willfully separate themselves from God are. They are the ones doing all the mischief in the world, whipped into a fury by Hell’s legions, and we join with them when we sin. But we aren’t alone. Jesus Christ has promised He will always be with us, and He is the Truth that overcomes the lies of Satan. All of us live in time, so we all can repent. Again and again we can repent. A punishment of Original Sin in the Garden of Eden was losing the special graces God had bestowed upon Adam and Eve, and which we could have inherited. That loss made us even more vulnerable to Satan’s temptations and fury than they were. Another punishment was Death. We all must die. Our Lord and His Mother embraced this punishment though neither had sinned. So is it really a punishment? Now that I have terminal pancreatic cancer, I have come to think of death as a blessing. For two reasons. First, death wipes the slate clean so every generation of mankind can begin anew. All the troublemakers of the preceding generation are gone. Imagine Life on Earth if we could never be rid of them! Second, and far more important, death opens the door to Heaven, where “the lion lies down with the lamb” and “the tear is wiped from every eye” because Heaven is where our Father and our Mother reside with their Son in the Love of the Holy Spirit. Heaven is our eternal home. We are Eternity Bound.

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