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Angel Dillard A Target of the Obamanation

3 December, 2012

Angel Dillard:  A Target of the Obamanation
For Daring to Lend Support and Comfort
To Abortionist Terminator, Scott Roeder

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtD8S5SnViQ

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdUgfxaxdNk

See Angel Dillard in the first documentary above, “What’s the Matter with Kansas” (2009)  at 1:38-2:12 or catch her in the second, shorter clip.  She is as she appears  – a regular Christian American in sorrow and revulsion over our national slide into Godless decadence.   When she heard about the man, Scott Roeder, who shot the notorious Abortionists Tiller, the doctor-gone-bad who had been polluting the state with the blood of innocents for years, she determined to visit Roeder in prison.  And while doing do, awakening to yet another Chrisitian ministry, she began to visit other prisoners as did her husband.  Another ministry was handed to this Christian couple – visiting “regular lawbreakers” even while they began with just one man, who broke no law of God, but in obedience to the call to love neighbors, defended those innocents from a butcher of humanity.

And after getting acquainted with such a man who stands miles above his countrymen as one who could no longer tolerate the shedding of the blood of innocents, and getting her senses sharpened to the particular horror of the American Holocaust, Angel was naturally revolted by the prospect two years later of another taking up the abominable deeds of Tiller.  Indeed, when Angel read news reports of the plans of one Dr. Mila Means to take up the abortion “business” of the late Tiller, she felt compelled to speak a word of sobering warning.

Roxana Hegeman writes about the progress of the civil lawsuit filed by the Obamanation against her under federal abortion rights-oriented FACE law (1994) in 2011:

The government argued in its motion filed earlier this month that it is entitled to explore Dillard’s relationship with Roeder, noting that the threatening January 2011 letter to Dr. Mila Means referenced Tiller’s death.  . .

Abortions have not been openly performed in Wichita since Tiller, one of the nation’s few late-term abortion providers, was fatally shot in May 2009 as he served as an usher at his Wichita church.

The lawsuit, filed by the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, contends Dillard of Valley Center told Means in the letter that thousands of people from across the United States are already looking into Means’ background. (AP, 29 November, 2012)

The original 2011 AP report on Dillard’s letter to the abortionist is “inaccurate, taken out of context, and/or edited” according the Dillard’s attorney, Donald McKinney.   Dillard simply reminded the Tiller replacement wannabe that there was real danger in the job and any reasonable person would seriously consider the risk and the misery of living in fear.

Such a letter, written directly and non-surreptitiously, does not constitute a threat by any normal standard.  Therefore charges against Dillard had to be carried out with pro-abortion zeal and judicial creativity under the abortion-era FACE statute.

The AP report continues:

 U.S. Magistrate Judge Kenneth Gale on Thursday gave Dillard’s attorney, Donald McKinney, until Wednesday to respond to the government’s motion for a court order that would force Dillard to answer the questions. The defense has said the government’s inquiries are irrelevant, with McKinney repeatedly balking at the government’s demands for information and arguing they violate Dillard’s First Amendment freedoms of association, free exercise of religion and free speech.

The civil case is scheduled for trial in October 2013.  And it appears that the Obamanation needs lots of time to harass Dillard and find something to hang this lawsuit on.  Hegeman’s AP report is telling:

“Defendant has a relationship with the man convicted of Dr. Tiller’s murder, Scott Roeder,” the government argued in its motion, filed earlier this month. “Defendant has publicly supported Roeder and his actions, visits him in prison and corresponds with him. It is this relationship – this context – that informs Defendant’s intent.”

The government argued in its motion filed earlier this month that it is entitled to explore Dillard’s relationship with Roeder, noting that the alleged threatening January 2011 letter to Dr. Mila Means referenced Tiller’s death. Roeder is serving a life sentence for the killing.

The Obamanation has no criminal threat from Angel Dillard, but it does have, in the process of prosecuting the pro-abortion FACE statute, an opportunity to probe the association of Christians who hold to the sound teaching and thoroughly coherent truth concerning the personhood of the womb child and the defensive action which may lawfully be applied to protect him.   Accordingly, reports Hegeman:

The government also seeks a court order requiring Dillard to respond to the government’s questions about her jailhouse ministry and her relationship with another jailed inmate.

Dillard told the AP in a recorded telephone interview in July 2009 that she reached out to Roeder while he was in jail awaiting trial for Tiller’s killing and developed a friendship with him.

Those are the facts as I learned them from Angel Dillard when I attended the trial of Roeder and went to visit him in jail along with Angel along with another fan of Roeder.  We had a great time.  We all affirmed to him quite personally and directly that what he did was good and right, that he had indeed saved the lives of innocent children.  There was no condemnation from God for his deed, we told him.  On the contrary, there would be nothing but commendation for a job well done.   We all bore witness to these words and assured him that in the face of damnation by the court, he was in fact right and rulers of Kansas were wrong.

Indeed we were those “individuals on the fringes of the anti-abortion movement,” as Hegeman reports.  And this type of support must be probed, investigated, and discouraged.  It is infectious.  Truth must be suppressed.  The full humanity of the womb child, defined by the legitimization of those actions rendered for his defense, must be denied.  And voices to the contrary must be suppressed if the abortion lie is to survive.

Dillard’s concern for and ministry to Roeder is simple and unassailable even by an abortophilic Obamanation.  And yet the insatiable zeal of this federal government to suppress any serious opposition to the slaughter of innocents seizes yet another victim.   She says in response to a question about the reason for her initial contact with Roeder:

“Quite honestly, as soon as I heard about it, I realized that he was able to accomplish what those of us in the pro-life movement had not been able to accomplish – we put millions of man hours in, protested, millions of dollars, attempts at legislation – and we were butting our heads up against the wall. We were not getting anywhere.” (Hegeman)

Dillard also believed that Tiller would never be convicted of any crimes.  However, the futility of justice was remedied with the action of one man.   Dillard said quite candidly, “with one move, (Roeder) was able … to accomplish what we had not been able to do.  .  . So he followed his convictions and I admire that.” (Hegeman)

Of course the Obamanation, as manifested in the government’s lawsuit, takes all this to mean that since Dillard sympathizes with Roeder anything she writes to an abortionist must be interpreted by the recipient as a threat.  (By the way,  it must be nice when you get to have the government file a lawsuit for you.  How are abortionists so blessed that they need not pay for their own lawsuits, but have a patron federal government to do it for them with the citizens’ tax dollars?)

Let the reader see the government’s effort to twist the actions of eleemosynary actions of Dillard into something suit-worthy by which to punish her.  Here is an excerpt of the government’s  “complaint” cited by Hegeman:

Defendant’s relationship with a convicted killer of a reproductive healthcare provider, and her publicly professed admiration of him, are directly related to the letter she sent to Dr. Means . . . Defendant’s letter references slain abortion provider Dr. George Tiller, and her relationship with his killer provides context for the state of mind of both the sender and the recipient, each of which are at issue here.

A final note of interest is the fact that the government has its snitches and wants to keep them useful. In closing, Hegeman says:

The government also is seeking a protective order prohibiting widespread disclosure of its investigative records before it gives the defense certain information in the FBI’s possession. The agency is concerned witnesses and others involved in the investigation could become the subjects of harassment or otherwise be targeted if their association with the FBI’s abortion extremism probe was disclosed.

Got to keep the government spies in operation actively suppressing any Christians who might be getting a little out of hand in their distaste for the holocaust.   Got to keep them under control.  Slap down anyone who gets a little uppity in their disdain for the shedding of innocent blood.

In the meantime, Angel Dillard and her family are crushed with legal bills and the possibility of fines, not to mention the stolen time from their lives.  And abortionist Means gets the thrill and encouragement of federal attention and commendation.  And she gets more than her guilty fears quelled and her conscience soothed.   She can now even think of herself as a real civil rights hero rather than a third-rate physician who couldn’t make it as a regular ob-gyn.


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