Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Tale of Two Academy Lives

Veterans Day, 12 November, 2012

Tale of Two Academy Lives

General Petraeus and I entered military academies within a month of graduating from high school in 1970. Our homes and high schools were within an hour’s drive from our prospective institutions: his West Point, New York, and mine, Annapolis, Maryland. I cheered for the midshipmen watching football, wrestling, and parades before joining the wrestling team as a plebe. He cheered for the cadets and eventually played soccer there and snow skied.

Patraeus graduated and continued into a stellar career culminating in a transfer from the illustrious position as Commander of U.S. Central Command in which he was responsible for U.S. Operations in 20 countries spreading from Egypt to Pakistan including Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom to CIA Director. He married one woman and sired two children remaining married to the mother of his children.

I left after a year at Annapolis and eventually earned a master’s degree in New Testament studies from Denver Seminary. I spent time pursuing the conversion of “cultists” attempting, usually in vain, to bring them back to orthodox Christianity. I spent most of my life in the low profile work of teaching and preaching to people inside churches and equipping them to develop themselves for the advancement the Gospel by means of changed lives brought into conformity with the Law of God by the power of His Spirit. I also spent two decades in public opposition to the national crime of legalized abortion which included high profile jail time (four years) along with hundreds of media interviews in connection with the destruction of abortion camps and general opposition to abortion and general Lawlessness. All this activism attracted a bogus lawsuit from Planned Parenthood (PP v. ACLA) which is now culminating in the seizure of my house following a $1 million judgment against me (along with $7 million against eleven other abortion opponents). It is, indeed, nothing but corrupt oppression of people who have ardently and accurately opposed abortion with the truth, and the dispossession which has resulted at the hands of corrupt courts is something we expect from the same “justice” system which protects baby murderers. We accept, under such conditions, the stealing of our house (Heb. 10:34).

The glorious career of Petraeus is now besmirched with a resignation under the pallor of marital infidelity. (To be sure, his actions are shameful according to old standards, but those standards are increasingly falling victim to the assault of modern Lawlessness proceeding from Godlessness. Sodomy is fine. Why not adultery? He certainly could have stood his ground and excused himself as did President Slick Willie. Had he such DNC integrity he could have stood his accusers down and continued his adulteries in high handed style and suffered no interruption in career enjoyment. Ah, but I digress.) He is about to get – literally, figuratively, or both – thrown out of his house, albeit for just cause.

I still have my home even if I have no house. I have a family – an excellent wife and eleven children. My children are good and abide in good order. I could not be happier with them.

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end is destruction” (Prov. 16:25). The way of a man is not necessarily the way of God. And a nation which flagrantly rebels against God invites its own destruction. It is good to know that God is merciful as well as just. May His good will be done and may the General find his way to Him, to the One who can save him and the nation.

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