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The Communist or the Mormon?

The Communist or the Mormon?
4 November, 2012

We are bidden in this life to do what is right. The choice is often not easily discernable along a line separating right from wrong. We must clean up our spectacles and squint hard at the words and deeds which define the candidates before us.

When all is said and done and a given moment arrives when action of some sort MUST be taken, we are charged, evermore, with doing what is right and good. That which is good may not satisfy our best wishes, but it must be the best option for the election at hand.

It is arguable that the voter’s decision in the current 2012 election must take into account the sacrifice of a temporary or transitory good (a Romney victory) so that a more lasting good may be secured at some time in the (hopefully) near future. It may be on this basis that some might argue for abstaining from a vote for an unsatisfactory Romney or casting a useless vote for a third candidate – a vote that “makes a statement” to someone out there about Tea Party or Libertartian or “Christonomic” minorities: “We are here! We are here!”

Accordingly on the basis of 1) the distastefulness of the candidate’s connection with Mormonism, and 2) calculation that yielding the power of the presidency again into the hands of the communist “Christian” Obama will serve the benefit of filling the nation to the nostrils with communist policies such that it repents from its wicked ways and puts in a Ron Paul and Franklin Jesus Graham ticket as fruit of its repentance at the next election. Thus might one justify a throw-away vote to Ron Paul or Mother Teresa in the short term to be the preferred strategy for the long term gain.

The Repugnance of the Cult

The doctrinal scruples of Biblical Christians over the Mormon gospel make it almost an act of self-defilement to vote for a heretic/cultist. Those damn Mormons preach an anti-Christ message by which Christ’s deity is suborned by associating it with a polytheism by which he is a good divine son on contrast to Satan, a bad divine son. Adam proceeded first through procession of gods who progress from pre-existence to human existence and then progressing back to the heavenly realm to enjoy an improved apotheosis.

The classic study on Mormons and other cults which proliferated in the United states from the 60s though the 80s was Walter Martin’s Kingdom of the Cults (Bethany Fellowship, 1965). I spent five years in the latter 1970s along with a dozen other Christians actively chasing after “cultists” of all sorts, particularly Mormons and JWs (Jehovah’s Witnesses) and attempting to bring the Gospel to them. My first job offer upon graduating from Denver Seminary was a part-time job at our local church, under Frank Tillapaugh (The Church Unleashed, Regal Books, 1982).

Memory Lane

My particular curiosity regarding the Mormons was the fact that all those whom I had met to date in Denver in the 70s and even to the present some 40 years hence, I have found all the Mormons I have met to upstanding people. The first ones I met were neighbors on a Naval Base (for military housing) in Newport, Rhode Island in 1965. Our quarters – ours and the Mormons’ – were bordered by the base fence which ran perpendicular to the beach and separated us from the majestic residence of Jacqueline Kennedy the widow of John F. Kennedy. Our little beagle fought with the Kennedy’s big poodle (one of four large ones: two white and two black).

I met more Mormons at a military base in Germany where American Mormons were doing their mission work. The brother of my future brother-in-law was converted and remains so to this day. In all cases where I have encountered these people, I have found them upstanding in their moral behavior. And so my interest in knowing and refuting their teachings for their own souls’ sake increased as did my efforts to engage them with the true Gospel.

Gospel v. Justice

The heretical character of the salvation doctrines of the Mormons are referenced in the context of a contemporary article on the Presidential campaign in the Evangelical World magazine: “What They Believe” (October 20, 2012). But that information is nothing new. The more important point is only made as a casual remark: Presidents John Quincy Adams, Millard Fillmore, and William Howard Taft were Unitarians. Indeed, heretics. These men, moral as they were, denied the Trinity, just as Mormons deny the true God.

A Trinitarian and Biblical Christian believer in office does not necessarily produce just government. Just as the rule of a pagan or heretic noes not necessarily result in bad government. There have surely been a few derelict nominal Christian rulers of recent in the world: Hitler, the most glaring. And consider the recent spate of our very own Baptists: Clinton, in particular, with his flagrant adulteries and wag-the-dog Iraq attacks to distract from impeachment. On the other hand Suleiman the Just, a Muslim, was an excellent ruler of the Ottoman empire in the sixteenth century.

This brings us to the primary concern we must have for men who govern. As Christians, we want justice. We believe that our God, the Triune God of the Scriptures, will hold rulers accountable for administering Justice (Romans 13). They are to punish the evil doer and to reward the one who does good. It is not fundamentally necessary that such a ruler acknowledge the Savior. It is the job of the Christian both to preach the Gospel and to seek justice. But it is the job of the civil authority to execute justice.

Who will give us justice? Who will shut down baby-butchering Planned Parenthood?

Obama is a thirsty lap-dog of the abortion lobby. Romney is promising to defund PP and when two aging justices come up for replacement in the next few years, he promises to give us something other than communist pro-aborts.

That is a justice I can vote for. Give me Romney. Take away the Obamanation.

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