Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

September, 2022

Have Done with Deluded Leaders

Whether it’s Hunter or Joe Or anyone else quite slow To grasp the truth of God And the necessity of the rod, Any such are surely unfit As the foulest piece o’ shit To lead a nation out of the pit Into which it has rapidly fallen By its lurid toleration of abortion. Out of […]

A Fold Which Lost Its Way

The American people is surely A fold which has lost its way And the wolves of communism and “liberty” Have found their way to some prey Who have, to God to whom they fake-pray, Become a stench to His holy noseAnd whose nationhood He must close! He does not endure for long Those who sing […]

Ah, A Good Man!

(En route to Hell) Among sinners, I am relatively good Yeah! I am one of the best Amidst the world’s wicked (Better an “F” than an “F-“!) Ah, yes!  A good man am I (Comes natural, don’t have to try!); Just look at the fools all about me. Only the darkness do they see! At […]

Poor woman! 

Poor woman!  Needs someone to police! Children out o’ the house gives her no peace! Got to have somebody to monitor; Over someone got to be an arbiter. Comes from years of oversight Child rearing takes all your might! Well, I offer myself to be bossed (Yes, I’ve counted the cost: Bills unpaid and gettin’ […]

Dealing with People

Do you love truth, justice, and righteousness? “Good!” to those who answer, “Yes!” Now, do you hate that which contracts them? (I.e. lies, crime, and general wickedness?) Another good “yea!” due here. What do you do about him whom you love? You adore, nurture, and encourage him! And him (or the evil) whom you hate? […]

Cope with the Dopes

And how does one cope many-a year in prison Stuck in the presence of manifold idiocy? Patience with a view toward Providence: Indeed, our Lord, the God of all jails Who rules even amidst of the lawless gatekeepers And is able to console all with His Holy Spirit. Yes, the Lord of all is not […]

Isaiah (5:25f.) Redux

Their sin was a great amount And it was on this account That the anger of the Lord did burn; From recompense He would not turn (And they were, naturally, quite concerned). He stretched out His hand and struck ’em down No more! He wasn’t gonna mess around. The corpses were lyin’ in the streets […]

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